where is Karen?

nana2010_gwOctober 30, 2013

she hasn't posted for a while I hope she is ok

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Hi Nana...I've seen Karen posting on FB...and she's
been quite busy.
Perhaps she's just taking a little break...but
other than that I think she's okay..
You're always so sweet keeping a 'lookout' on

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Hi Sweet Nana, thank you for checking on me. As Jane noticed, I had a busy week, then been trying to recoup
(physically) from it. I'm in charge of my dog club's Annual Fun Day. It went off great, but a LOT of work. (Also had a bit of a family crisis that was distracting me, but all is well now.)

I didn't decorate for Halloween afterall, my poor witches are going to be casting some nasty spells on me I'm afraid. So nothing 'fun' to post here.

I'm so behind in catching up on posts here, and emailing some friends, that everyone is probably ready to give up on me. :o(
I've spent too much time going thru old photos and setting up some Facebook albums when I should have been keeping up with friends/forum. I am so sorry! I really need to get my act together.

Jane I did email you awhile back, but wasn't sure if you got it, know you are super busy with house stuff. Hope all is going well with that.

I'll try to catch up on posts here over the weekend, right now its after 4am and I really should go to bed. LOL.
hugs, Karen

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Hi Karen. I'm glad everything is OK.

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