Is it crazy expensive to do a quartz bathtub deck?

rebecca3142June 19, 2014

I am not really finding a porcelain tile that I like, and I don't have the personality for I am thinking quartz to match my sink countertop.

I know "crazy expensive" is completely subjective. Any ideas about the range of cost for this?

Thank you!

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For a 7'x3' slab, around $1800-$2800, depending on brand and if they do a seam or not.

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Thank you LWO! That is extremely helpful.

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I am on the same boat Rebecca3142

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I recently got prices for a tub deck on a bunch of different stones. Low end was just over $1,800 and the highest was somewhere over $3,000 but that was for the most expensive piece of Calacatta Gold in the yard. If it helps to know I live in Massachusetts and the stoneyard was in New Hampshire.

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we used stone instead of quartz, but I agree with livewireoak, may depend on seaming. We only had one slab so we had seams, did not cut deck in one piece

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