Fridgedaire Affinty washer died. Yeah!!!

ppbennMay 18, 2013

Ok I've hated this thing since we installed it seven years ago. It has never really done anything wrong. It doesn't even stink and I don't even leave the door open. It really didn't get clothes very clean. We have a farm and for really dirty clothes it was not up to task.
I guess I just used it too often! Which is why it's now not spinning out any thing. At first it was just touchy. Wanting smaller and smaller loads to do it's thing. Now no spinny at all.
What should I get? Now I need a front loader for the upstairs Laundry (I designed for counter on top- it's a new build) It will not get the real cruddy stuff just normal laundry. I don't need bells and whistles at all.
Since this will be for a second laundry I'd like to keep costs down.
Is it worth it to get fixed at this point?
Any and all suggestions appreciated. Thanks

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There is a forum for which to discuss all things laundry. You may wish to post your query there.

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This is about a washing machine. This is an appliance. If I have the wrong forum, my bad.
I am wondering if its worth it to fix or just buy a new one.

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There is limited laundry talk here on Appliance Forum but there is a Laundry Forum.

Since Miele and Bosch discontinued their full size washers there are no great full size washer options. Especially in the Frigidaire price point.

But if your are yeahing the failure of your washer I would get a new one.

It seems GE has successfully benchmarked the currently available front load washers to make their first made in the USA front load washers, the GE RightHeight washers and dryers. I would check those out but if you are against buying first generation appliances then I would look at a Samsungs with on-board water heater.

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