Did you say 'Fall?'

christmascandyOctober 8, 2011

More Fall decor:

I found the pumkin wreath at GW for $1.69, the hurricane at another TS for 99c and added a candle I already had and some candycorn as filler.

I filled the candy jars again, but in the process I dropped a lid on my tile floor and it shattered into a million pieces, so I stacked the matching jar on top of it! Now I have a 2 tiered jar.

I had the plate last yr and found the matching cake plate at a TS this yr.

The kitchen table:

I have more fall pix, but I need to go get out the Halloween stuff now, LOL.



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The candy would never make it to be a filler if it were me..lol
I like that you took the "oops" of breaking the lid and used creativity instead, I would have probably screamed as the alternative. :)
Loooove your cake plate! I need one of those for the china cabinet (hmm.. TS stop ahead for me).
The kitchen table looks so pretty. I love the compact height of the arrangement and the bears are tooo cute.
Sorry you cant play golf for the icky weather but decorating is a good substitute, [of course I don't golf so that's easy for me to saty ..lol].

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That's a neat pumpkin wreath CP you whipped up and the price for everything was fabulous!
I put some candy corn in my kitchen too..but with 3 Gkids here...it's hard to 'say no' ! I've got to buy more as it will never make it till Halloween...lol Yours looks so pretty.
Those plates are so nice - what luck to find the matching cake plate.
I'm a sucker for Teddy Bears and the display on your kitchen table is adorable.

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Ohhh...that cake plate sure was a great find! Love it! & it matches!

Lookin' festive at your house ...& like maxi here, the candy on the counter wouldn't last! I love your recently creative tiered jars! And what a beautiful vase of flowers w/those cutie bears! Nice decor! TFS, candy! Jeanne S.

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Candy, neat finds on the pumpkin wreath and hurricane. Candy jars look great all filled. Sorry to hear your lid broke but it looks good doubled. I'd go for the pumpkin candy.LOL

I love that pumpkin plate and platter! What a beautiful design. I've never seen them before but they sure wowed me. Cute sunflower dish too.

Bears, flowers, pumpkin s & p all look great in that neat on the tray. Did you paint the tray or was you lucky and had the perfect match? So fun to see all your fall tonight.


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That pumpkin wreath is sooo neat! I am saving the idea and maybe can make one NEXT year. Can't believe you got it so cheaply either. You really do have the BEST places to shop of anyone I know!! And I love the way you salvaged
the candy jar with the broken lid. I think it looks better now than it would have before! (candy is safe with me around, I don't hardly ever eat any)
The plate and cake stand are really wonderful. LOVE those!
And the darling bears. Your finds, and your decorating are always such a joy to see.

"Discovering you" makes me feel like a proud mama, or one of those agents who stumbles across a future movie star.

hugs, Karen

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