Quick help needed on backsplash and doorway decision

ShellKingJune 26, 2012

Here is my vanity next to a closet doorway. How far should the marble slab extend? If it extends all the way to the doorjam then the tile backsplash can just extend as well. Right? Even if the slab will extend about 2 inches?

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So here are two pictures showing my two options: I need to decide right now because they are making the template for the vanity top.


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Sophie Wheeler

NEITHER! You should not even be thinking of templating a top for this vanity with the unresolved flooring issue that will require you to remove the vanity.

And that tile as a backsplash will be difficult to clean. I would choose the same material as the vanity top when it comes actual time to template. The vanity top should project no more than 1/2" from the edge of the vanity, and the matching top should be equal in size to it.

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does all your advice come with a valium prescription? 'cause you've literally reduced me to tears.

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I can't comment re: counter size/projection itself, but will say that the backsplash should be the width of the counter.

Re what another poster wrote: And that tile as a backsplash will be difficult to clean.

We used split-face mosaic tile in our hall bathroom. We don't have kids, but that is the bathroom DH uses. I don't go in there to wipe up after him constantly (I clean the bathrooms weekly, and in-between, will wipe down the sink, or clean the soap dish if it's scummy, as needed). I sealed the backsplash tile well, and after almost two years of using the bathroom, the tile looks as good as it did the day it was installed. I wipe it down with wet damp or wet microfiber cloth after I've cleaned the sink or tub. Once in a while I'll spray the backsplash with the same cleaner I use on the tub surround (7th Generation Disinfecting Bathroom cleaner spray), and then wipe dry. No problem keeping it clean.

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