i village message board prevents me from adding to others posts

jeannespinesOctober 6, 2010

I can't respond on anyone's posting ...when I finally do get "logged on"...& click in the message box, it automatically takes me to IVILLAGE MESSAGE BOARDS.

Jeanne S...anyone else having trouble? Who to contact?

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No trouble here.

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Jeanne, I just contacted Gardenweb from the link at the bottom of the page and asked them to read this post and see if they could help you. It's not happening to me either, but it's wierd how Lynn had the huge popups and now you can't even post. Seems like these different things are occurring for different posters. Maybe it's the Halloween spirits! Luvs

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They must be working on it - I am not having as many problems as I did earlier today - I still have to click out of IVillage message board which opens in a separate window to get back into this forum before I can post - there is definitely a glitch somewhere .....


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I definitely had BIG problems with it. If I used the mouse and clicked, it came up!! So annoying, the only way I couod post was to not use my mouse.


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It's fixed now! Thanks, Garden Web computer pro's! Appreciated! And, luvs, thanks for that contact info. Jeanne S.

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YEAH!!!!!! - Thank you Garden Web administrators - I can read and post now without jumping through hoops - good job ....


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