Color for my exterior - Pics

gaonmymindMay 27, 2012

So the top one is the sketch of my house the bottom is a house recently built in atlanta. I thing the blue is really pretty. What do you think? Also need to figure out a stone and brick that would compliment. The trim would be white.

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Blue is so pretty but can be difficult to get right. My monitor is showing up your picture is more greyish. Friends of ours did a blue shingle house with a brownish fieldstone with light grout. It has faded to a blueish grey over five years and actually looks really nice.
We are going with butter cream nichiha lap its a yellow beige depends on light. Black windows, white trim, black roof.

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It looks gray to me too - I love a gray shingled house! Tennessee fieldstone looks great with gray shingles as long as you cull out the oranges, pinks, and maybe blacks? We have a fieldstone fireplace on our screened porch and a fieldstone mailbox with a bluestone cap. They got rid of the orange/pink/black and the remainder are tans, greys, beige. . .

I would pick the stone first and then find a complementary brick. There are tons of neutral colored bricks that would work.

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Athens....Is this fieldstone?

I love this pretty. May be a bit too muted though. I was thinking the stone should probably determine the color since it will bee the most limiting in color and if the house is the wrong color it could make the stone look terrible.

Pbenn - I am going to drive by the house. I have a close up the shingles and it is a bluish gray with navy shutters. But yeah gray and blue are the direction I am heading. I wish I could do a cream or white, but my hoa wants a earthy color. I can't wait to see your mix. Your land is so pretty I think the yellow color would look so classic.

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I am not usually a big fan of blue, but I like this color. It has a nice grayish tint to it.

Especially nice on the shingle siding.

Did you say you got a close-up shot of the house?

Can you post that pic?

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just wanted to say your house is really gorgeous.

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redlover - You can see the pics here

The pics do look grayer on screen. In person it seemed gray/blue to me.

threeapples - Thanks! I thought it would be too simple at first, but have grown to love that about it.

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