Custom Medicine Cabinet... Finally finished.

VictoriaElizabethJune 18, 2012

My Custom Medicine Cabinet... Finally finished.

When we started this bath remodel, I scoured the entire Internet for the medicine cabinet that was in my head... I wanted something incredibly tall, mirrored, and recessed.

Roburn makes some really gorgeous options, including one that I was obsessed with (despite the crazy price tag, and the fact that it was way too huge for our space.)

In the end my husband ended up building what I had in mind. At the risk of wildly overstating the simplicity of the project, it didn't look that hard!! It allowed us to completely maximize the available wall space and it was so inexpensive compared to anything similar we could have purchased. Plus, had the added bonus of letting us design the bottom shelf to be super-tall for items that never fit in any other cabinet.


50'x 20' interior measurements, (not including trim).

3/4' Full Wrap Hinges.

1/4' thick mirror (custom cut)

3/8' glass shelves (custom cut)

Marble on bottom shelf (this tiny detail is my favorite part).

I am so happy with the end result, I was concerned that it's not easy to translate what's in your imagination into a real, concrete object, but in this case it turned out perfectly!

Here is a link that might be useful: Custom Medicine Cabinet

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A thing of beauty!!! Enjoy using it (when you finally break down and start to store things in it!). :-)

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Very Cool! I am so glad you shared. It is an inspiration.

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Nice! It looks just as nice as the expensive one, and I'm sure the knowledge that DH made it and how much you saved will make you smile long after the ready made one is out of your thoughts.

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Beautiful, he did a fabulous job. We are doing a DIY medicine cabinet too, you've given me lots of inspiration.

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It's beautiful, maybe we can learn to DIY, but it may cost much time.

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Congratulations, to you for the vision, and to your husband for becoming a cabinetmaker! It's absolutely perfect for your home.

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It's wonderful! And thanks for the link--I can't wait to read your website :)

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I just love your medicine cabinet. Thanks for sharing. I just also have to add that we have splurged twice now for Robern medicine cabinets, and for our small space and requirements we feel they are well worth the money.

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