Wolf induction clearance

a2geminiMay 4, 2012

Cross posted to kitchens - probably should have posted here instead

Our new induction was intalled and it is gorgeous - the bad news, the special drawer that the KD had built doesn't meet the Wolf specs of 6.25 inches from the countertop to combustible.

Options - ignore and put ventilation into the back of the drawer

Put in a tilt out for a couple small items - not sure how functional but better than nothing.

Put in a wire bottom to the drawer instead of wood - has anyone tried this?

Any sources?

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what is the distance from the top of the counter to the bottom of the drawer? looks fairly large from the picture.

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Maybe you can have them cut you a piece of granite or other stone, mount it on the rail's and have a pull-out prep station or pot rest?

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I should've explained, if there's a drawer there, even if it's flameproof, what's to prevent people from putting flammable objects in it?

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Forget about having a drawer there and put a fake drawer front to cover the space.

Am I misunderstanding the problem?

btw, your cabinets are lovely.

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red lover
That's what I was thinking or are you talking about the distance to the backspash?
If it's the draw underneath, I've only seen the cooktops with a fake draw front as the top draw and 2 working draws underneath.

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I still don't see what the problem is. The 'hole' or space in the cabinet pictured here cannot contain a drawer because the unit itself is in the way. But I ask again, what is the distance from the top of the counter to the top of the drawer that is already in place? It looks like 6" to me but I don't have any sense of scale from the picture.

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Looking at drawings of the unit, it appears to be about 4 inches deep or a little less. This would allow for a shallow drawer mounted on the rails you see in the photo. But even though there is enough clearance for the drawer to operate, it would not provide the 6-1/4" clearance necessary to meet Wolf's specs. Wolf-SZ also specifies that at least a 1" gap exist between the unit itself and any shelving placed below it. This is to allow for proper cooling of the unit.

A drawer of any sort in that area is just not a good idea if it really does get hot down there. It's an induction unit so matches for flambe's and such could find their way into the thing, even if it were constructed out of flameproof components.

I have never used induction myself and have no idea how hot it gets underneath one of the things, but I darned sure wouldn't be installing anything that could potentially put paper or other flammables within that clearance zone.

But that's just me! :)

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