Thermador 36" Induction Cooktop Installation

krishoel001May 13, 2014

I have the Thermador 36" all glass induction cooktop (no stainless edge) in my new home under construction. I had expected the glass to sit flush to the granite countertop, but there is a foam gasket that is holding the glass about 1/4" above the granite, creating a perfect space for crumb catching. The installer has filled that gap with silicone -- a less than satisfactory look. The appliance showrooms showed this cooktop completely flush to the counter. The installation instructions also show the glass sitting directly on the counter, with clamps holding the cooktop in place. The cooktop arrived with a dense foam strip attached around the underside of the glass edge. This foam is too dense to be compressed by the clamps. One appliance showroom's installers say they always remove that foam strip so the glass sits flush to the counter. My installer claims that he always fills the gap with silicone. Anyone have this Thermadore 36" induction CIT365KBB cooktop installed?

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I have a very similar question. My new induction cooktop gets installed next week. The fabricator is going to route out the edge of the granite so that the cooktop sits down, but the appliance store and installer has mentioned that they can't install it flush because they don't have the high heat caulk needed. I can simply get it, if I knew exactly what I need. I have tried to research silicone and if it is ok to use on cooktops and I have seen different responses. Anyone know? I would really like to have the flush look on my frameless induction versus it sitting on top of the granite and being hard to clean. TIA for your experience!

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Hi, vstock. I have been using my cooktop since we moved in in May and I really love it. The install was kind of a mess, though, as stated above. Here's how we ended up -- not completely satisfactory, but there you go. They removed the silicone and the foam strip that was supplied by the factory, to have a second go at installation. I called Thermador and they said that although the foam strip was not mentioned or pictured in their installation instructions, the cooktop always ships with the foam attached because of the need for some air circulation under the cooktop. They also said there is a very great chance of cracking the cooktop glass if the foam is not used. There are clamps that attach the cooktop under the countertop. My counters have a leathered finish that is not smooth, it has slight variations. The installer was particularly concerned because of these variations. So, my builder sourced a much thinner strip of foam (sorry, don't know where he got it), and that was used instead of the factory supplied. My cooktop still doesn't sit directly on the counter, and I have a small paintbrush to clean the crumbs out of the gap, but it is not the giant gap that the factory foam would have left me with. No silicone at all, because of the air circulation issue. Not ideal, but livable. No one but me ever notices the gap. Certainly, no one but me ever, ever cleans it! : - )))

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