Wolf 36' gas range or lesser dual fuel?

secondhalfMay 27, 2012

Hi - could those of you with experience with all gas range and dual fuel tell me if I'm better off with a lesser brand if that's how I can afford a dual fuel? We are purchasing one electric wall oven as well, so I was assuming the 36" all gas wolf would be perfect, but I am feeling intimidated by what seems to be a less user friendly piece of equiipment (I.e., no visible temp gauge, no timer, no telescoping racks, no self clean...). I love the look amd reliability of the Wolf, but I don't want to be blinded by a name. And I just can't justify spending 9000 on the Wolf dual. So those of you with all gas Wolf ranges, are you happy with your choices?

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Get the Wolf gas range. With the gas range you get the infrared broiler which will perform better than the electric broiler element in the dual-fuel. Also, you already have an electric oven with electric broil going into your wall.

The dual-fuel, while slick, will be more costly and complicated to fix. To me, simpler is better when it comes to a range, and I would prefer to have the option of using a gas oven for baking anyway.

There is no way I would turn down a Wolf just to get dual fuel in an inferior model, particularly when the chief "advantage" of the model is something you already have in the wall.

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Thank you mojavean. I just sent the final info to the KD amd I appreciate the reassurance.

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