Resealing a toilet and replacing a floor

trilobiteJune 30, 2013


Our only bathroom floor is in bad condition and I'd like to have someone tear out the old sheet vinyl and replace it with new sheet vinyl. I was told replacing the wax seal on the toilet would be a wise thing to do at the same time.

My question is, would I hire a plumber? A good handyman? About how long should I expect it to take? (Like I said, it's our only bathroom,)


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Any decent handyman should be able to do it....and for far less than a plumber's visit.

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A decent handyman can do the flooring and the toilet. And you are correct, any time the toilet is pulled, you'll need a new wax ring. The wax ring is a compression seal and it deforms when the toilet is set, it's not prudent to try to reuse one.

While a small job like a bathroom should be able to be done in a single day, sometimes when doing a task like flooring the toilet might be pulled and reset a few times, especially if your man runs into trouble. Self-inflicted or otherwise.

There are reusable waxless toilet seals, I use the one by Fernco.

Good luck with your project!

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I agree that a good handyman should be able to do it. It's not too difficult. My only question would be, have you had water damage or is the vinyl just worn out? If you've had water damage, make certain you've addressed the source of water and removed and replaced any damaged underlayment that would provide a bad foundation for new flooring. But all of these things should be within the realm of a good handyman.

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Thanks for all the feedback! The floor is probably original to the house (seventies) and just very worn/dated. No matter how clean the bathroom is, it drags down the room, A full bath remodel isn't in the immediate stars, but I think even changing the floor would instantly make the bath much more attractive.

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