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ikea_gwJune 7, 2013

I need some help with lighting for the master bath. I've uploaded the floorplan (slightly different from the latest version dimension wise but config is the same). I am thinking about using a combo of recessed lighting and 2 mini pendants for the vanity area.

The vanity is 40" wide w/single sink and 40"x25" matching mirror. I am thinking about dropping 1 mini pendant on each side of the sink about 24" from the ceiling and 10" from the wall. The rest will be 4 or 5 inch recessed LED lights but not sure how many or where to put them. Any ideas?

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Question: is your first priority to make the room pretty for people other than your family to admire? Or is your first priority to make the vanity utilitarian for personal cleansing and make-up, etc.? I ask, not judgmentally, but to clarify the choices.

If your purpose is utilitarian, then soft, preferably indirect, lighting is indicated,. Harsh shadows and high contrast are your foes. Dropped pendants will likely give you high contrast and harsh shadows.

On the other hand, dropped pendants will really highlight the room for showing off the coolness of the fixtures.

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Both function and aesthetics are important to us I guess. I see what you mean about pendants casting harsh shadows. The ones I've been looking at have white moderately transparent glass so the light is less like a downright spot light.

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