Would Dollbaby, Teagan and TJ like a couple of big sisters?

dreamgoddessOctober 13, 2011

Hi everyone! Gosh, I have missed y'all and am still wondering why I've been gone from here so long! I've spent the last few days catching up on all the posts and enjoying everyone's fall and halloween decorations.

I see there are some new babies around now. I know Dollbaby is tickled to have new friends to play with! Do you think Dollbaby, TJ and Teagan would like a couple of big sisters?

Here are my babies...although I guess they're more like toddlers. LOL

Malisia and Melinda are all decked out in their costumes and can't wait for Halloween so they can go trick or treating.

Right now, they're just hanging around with a plate of Halloween cookies while they wait for the big night.

Melinda is planning to be a fairy when she goes trick or treating.

Malisia has been playing dress up with part of Mommy's halloween costume.

I know they would love to hang out and play with the babies while they wait for Halloween to finally get here!

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So glad your are back, Dream, I enjoy looking at your TSs
Malisia and Melinda look adorable in their Halloween finery.

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Dream is GREAT to have you back. I check on you thru your blog to see what you are doing, but really want to see you
here again too.

Your little girls look darling in their costumes! If I am remembering correctly, they always are dressed up by your tree for Christmas? I'm glad you are joining in with the three toddlers here! I can hardly wait for Teegan to arrive. But maybe I'll find her a Halloween costume meanwhile.

You sure gave me a big smile today.
hugs, Karen

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Oh, they are really ready for Halloween! pink 'n purple...who could ask for anything more! (great costumes!)...and the cookie plate/cookies is so darn cute, too!

TFS these sweeties, dream! Good to hear from you, too! Jeanne S.

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Hi Dream.. It's nice to see you here along with your 'little girls'. They look adorable in their costumes. Like Karen, I remember them too from your Christmas pictures. It's nice to see them again ready for
Halloween..Hope we get to see more of you here too.

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Dream, Malisia and Melinda are beautiful girls. They are so cute all dressed up for Halloween. I'm sure the three little ones will be delighted to find out they have Big Sisters.

You really should spend more time here sharing all of your beautiful decor. I always enjoy what your up to.


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Here's Dream's blog for those who might want to look, or bookmark it.

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: dreamgoddess

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It's great to be back!

Karen, you're right...my babies usually hang out at the Christmas tree and then spend the rest of the year in my guest bedroom. I decided to give them a change of scenery by letting them hang out with me in the kitchen for a while!

Oh, and I thought of all of you earlier this week when I popped into the thrift store and walked out with 4 new salad plates. And I had sworn no more buying new dishes! We see how long that lasted! LOL!!!

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Dream, welcome back and I love that you dressed your girls up for Halloween. They look darling. You can do your blog and come play with us here too you know--we miss you. Luvs

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Dream ...I enjoyed looking at your blog again ...thanks, PM! Beautiful, beautiful & love so Fall entry decor! Jeanne S.

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