Freestanding Towel Warmers?

lfielder54June 5, 2011

Anybody out there own a freestanding towel warmer? Care to share your experiences? Favorite brands? Many thanks!

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I have had one for several years, after deciding not to have one hard wired or plumbed in. It works fine, it is nice to have cozy warms towels, and since they dry more quickly, I can get a few days before laundering. I don't know what brand, bot it does have the narrow, round bars, so the towels are not as evenly heated as I would like. I advise look for one that has wide, flat bars.

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Thanks for the response!

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We tried the freestanding bar type warmer, and disliked it intensely. As tilenut says, it doesn't heat evenly. I think it's really only useful if you need to dry towels quickly in a humid climate.

Last year I found this compact tabletop appliance and thought I'd try it as a BD present for DH. We don't have a lot of extra room in our master but it fits right between the end of our sinks and the shower stall. I'm sure there are other vendors who sell it, this is just the one we chose as I figured if it didn't work, I could return it easily enough to their nearby store location.

He loves it! I got the large size unit as we use extra-thick luxury bath sheets, and one fits inside just right. He tucks it in to heat while he takes a shower, and by the time he comes out, it's all nice and warm, just the way he likes it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Towel Spa Towel Warmer from Brookstone

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Amba makes a freestanding model called "Solo". It is one of the better freestanding models.

Here is a link that might be useful: Amba Solo

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Freestanding towel warmers can be moved anywhere you want in your home. This is an important advantage. They heat up as good as hardwired ones but you need to find a good one if you want it really get your towels dry and hot. I agree Amba Solo is the best choice for a freestanding towel warmer.

Here is a link that might be useful: freestanding towel warmer

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