happy halloween

nana2010_gwOctober 31, 2010

I just want to say how lucky I am to have found this forum

Everyone here is so talented. It has been so much fun looking at all of the great halloweeen tablescapes and decorations.

I can't wait to see wait is in store for Thanksgiving and Christmas!!!



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NanaKaren, Happy Halloween to you and All. I need to get all my treats out and ready for the little spooks. We had alot of trick or treaters on Fri. at the business. I had to run to our other store and that town had little ones on every block. Wish I would of taken some pictures of the cute costumes to share here.

I just finished a Santa tray and ran across a Boo tray I painted and haven't varnished so will post pictures of them.


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Back at ya, kiddo!

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Happy Halloween! I second you in your comments about this fantastic forum!

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DITTO. Happy Halloween and Hugs to All.

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Yes, it's been a fun journey this month with all of you!

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And I'll just have to agree with all the rest of you. This place is such a wonderful treat to visit each day and of course, that's because each of you are so talented, generous and caring. Luvs

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Sorry I'm so late.
Happy Halloween To YOu Too Nana!
I'm so happy you found us too.
It's been a joy having you join in here with us.
I feel the same about finding this group.
They are all so special in so many ways.


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I'm so happy that you've found us, too, NanaKaren! This forum seems to be blessed with the nicest people and such great ideas.

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I'm glad to know y'all too!! This is the best resource on the internet as far as I am concerned!!
Hugs to you all and have a great week!

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