Kitchenaid kude70cvss or kude60hxss

designergreyMay 25, 2012

I have been round and round trying to figure out which dishwasher brand to purchase. My Crate & Barrel dishes (I have 30 place settings so it is a big deal) fit best in the KitchenAid (compared to Asko, Miele, Bosch). I had my mind set on the kude60hxss. Best Price I can find $1,275.

Then I noticed that the older model kude70cvss is available at a couple places online, new for $650-$725.

The main differences I can tell are no ProWash program, 2 less place setting in the kude70 (14 vs. 16) and I believe that the depth dimension on the kude70 is 3-inches shorter. Other than that, they seem pretty similar. Both have the 3rd culinary tool rack that I wanted to give a try.

Although I like the ultra handle on the kude60, I prefer having the control on the front, The handle on the kude70 isn't a deal breaker.

So is the latest generation kude60 $600 better or will I get a similar cleaning experience by going with last year's model?

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Sorry you haven't gotten responses, but probably no one has had last year's model and this year's so can't compare cleaning experiences. Im sure both are good.

I have the kude60fx and love it. Plenty of room for dishes and pots and pans, love the cutlery rack, and I use Pro Wash and Pro Dry all the time. I also use Pro Scrub often for baked on casseroles and frying pans where you put them in the back of the dw facing the rear and a high powered jet of hot water from the rear gives them a heavy duty scrub

Not sure why you don't want controls hidden on the top of the door which is what my 60fx has, but I love that look. You actually can see the lights on the top of the door if you look while standing in front of the dw if you want to know what cycle it is running if that is your reason. And the one light on the outside of the door is blue when washing and rinsing, red when drying, and green when completed so you do know where the cycle is looking at the front of the door. I'm sure you'll be happy with whichever you choose.

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Thanks for the response patty. I decided to go with the older kude70cvss. It had enough of the features of the current model (ProScrub, culinary rack, adjustable upper rack) that I couldn't pass up the $650 price tag. I'll give it a shot.

I have no real reason why I prefer seeing the controls on the front, I just prefer it.

I was mainly asking to see if there were any important differences that I wasn't seeing that someone might point out. I'm not sure how the ProWash/ProDry program enhance washing compared to the older model, but I will just be happy if I can get consistently clean dishes again (going from a 2003 GE Profile).

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Good:decision. It will be fine. Don't see that you are missing a thing that is on the newer model. You'll love it

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Well the KUDE70CVSS didn't work out so I went with the KUDE60HXSS which I am currently running my first load of dishes right now. The ultra handle design looks good. Hope these dishes come out looking great.

My installer told me NOT to run the prowash and to just use the normal wash. Something to do with water quality in our area. We have a Kinetico softening system, but I don't know what he meant exactly.

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I've just started the search for a new DW and this model is at the top of my list.

I was surprised to learn that the higher priced models have the manual strainer while the lower priced models have the automatic food grinder. I understand it makes a difference in noise - I'm just not sure it makes enough of a difference to me.

I do like the 3rd rack though - and that is only available on the models with the manual strainer - which annoys me! Why can't I have a food grinder and a 3rd rack!?! :-)

What is the difference between the KUDE60HXSS & KUDE60FXSS models? Does anyone know?

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The difference may be that one accepts custom panels?

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The difference between the Superba EQ series is either design, sound or softner related. None of the EQ series seems to have a hard food disposer. You have to step down to the Superba series to see the hard food disposers which increases to 49 db.

I guess they decided that at the higher price point the concern would be on quietness and sacrificed the hard food disposer to achieve lower db numbers.

KUDE70FX = standard handle design, 40 db

KUDE60HX = ultra handle design, 43 db

KUDE60FX = standard handle design 43 db

KUDE60SX = standard handle design, front console display, water softner 43 db

Here is a link that might be useful: Current Kitchenaid Dishwasher Line PDF

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As far as models that can be ordered as panel ready:


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