How deep are your mudroom lockers?

athensmomof3May 22, 2010

I am strongly considering moving the door to my mudroom (thanks my3sonsnc :) as the plan has been rearranged to a point where I don't think you will see into it from the breakfast room (or at least won't see the lockers but the decorated wall.

I would like a pocket door as it will almost always be open, but want to be sure I allow enough space for lockers on one side. The ones drawn in by the draftsman look shallow and not wide enough.

So, how deep are your mudroom lockers? And how wide would you recommend?

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In ours, the seat is 20 inches and the little divider is 12 inches deep. They are around 22 inches wide.

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I won't have a seat, so do you think 15 inches deep is sufficient?

If I move the door there will be room for a long very narrow bench on the opposite wall.

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i am LOL here, athensmom! i spent a few hours last night and the entire morning today finalizing our mudroom lockers. unbelievable timing! anyway, the depth of the actual lockers is 14" with the seat below at 24". i'd hoped for a bit deeper, but that's what i've got to work with. each of the four lockers is 22.5".

now, what i want to know is how tall is the "locker" area of a good sized cubby? i have ours spec'd at 3'8" which i think should be fine ...just don't know! here's a very crude rendering that is just for our finish carpenter. it's not pretty but i'll post it anyway.

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Ours are very similar to kateskouros.

The entire width is 96" divided into 4 lockers. but the middle locker is double width (no divider). The top part is 15" deep and the bottom is 21" deep. We have a separate bench so it's more for placing stuff on there.

kateskouros, our locker area height is 4'. That what my carpenter normally does so I went with it.

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our lockers are 18" wide (I wish they could have been wider!!), with separator at 12" depth - could definitely have had this a shorter depth, with 19" deep seat.

kateskouros: our cubbies are 51" tall above drawer area/seat with cabs above to the ceiling. I would think that 3.5' might be a little short for some of the adult jackets, but you might be okay. Can you measure how some of your coats hang off a hook? obviously no long/dressy coats will end up in the mudroom, but from the looks of how my ski jacket (and bibs during winter) hang, it might be longer than that.

this picture was taken right when we moved in (May, so no boots, big coats, before I put the nice organization baskets in the corner, etc.)

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thank you, mairin and pps. i'm going to reduce the height of the storage cabs up top to pick up some extra height of the main cubby section. thanks for the help, i really appreciate it!
i wish we had room for a section of shelving; yours looks great, mairin!

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE our mudroom cubbies! They are 26in wide and 20in deep. We have a hook on the back and hooks on each side. So each cubby has three spots to hang stuff. You need to really think about the width because in the winter you have thick puffy coats that need room to hang. We have no problems with room. We also love NO 'bins' underneath for shoes. We are a family that loves to kick off our shoes rather than have to 'pick' them up to place them on a ledge or in a basket. Works great for us and keeps them out of the walkway. Here is a pic:

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hollyh3kids, love the look of your mudroom cubbies...are the cubbies 20in deep? If so how deep are your cabinets above?

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hollyh3kids, love your lockers. We are doing a very similar style. A couple of questions: Do you think there's enough room for 2 hook in the back. And a small hook on the side for keys?

If you have 10' ceilings, how tall are your lockers?

Because they are white, do they get scuffed up easily?

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fraidycatdesigner - The tops are 14in deep. We only keep off season stuff up there like hats, gloves, etc. I really love that spot because we open the door and throw it in and no one sees it. and yes, the seat is 20in deep.

pps7 - Thank you. If you put two hooks at the back I think it would be fine if you weren't hanging coats on the side. If the side hooks were for keys, purses, etc it would probably be fine. And I do like that our side hooks are at a lower height because then things are not banging into each other.
Our ceilings are 9ft and the lockers are 92in tall at the crown piece on top.
They do get scuffed but usually a wet rag or Mr. Clean eraser takes care of it. I really have not minded the white at all. We have 3 kids ages 7,4,2 so I would think we are as rough on them as most. I have really navy walls in there and I love how the white pops out.
Hope that helps....

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Way way way back when, I used to post a lot. I can't believe it, but I still see some names from back then !! Our build got put off because we bought some coastal property and we have to build there before we can build our primary residence here. FINALLY starting coastal build in October !! At any rate, I had a geocities account where I would keep pictures of mudroom lockers and that web address was passed along from member to member for a long time. Then Geocities closed. : (

I have now loaded my collection into photobucket. Not many dimensions, but lots of mudroom locker pictures. I have collected over 60 pictures so far (including adding those up-post).

One at a time ...

As a slideshow ...

Hope this helps all !!

p.s. if you know anything about elevators or have any opinions or suggestions, will you please go post on the elevator thread. "Opinions requested on home elevators"

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Ours are 17" deep and 24" wide. They look almost identical to hollyh3kids' lockers, except we have an open top cabinet and have four wooden pegs across the back in each cubbie. I also made seat cushions for them.

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Width should be as wide as you can get them LOL. 24" is good. But as you plan the dividers you may consider 16" plus any frame. They are usually made of plywood and a 48" wide sheet will yield 3 dividers and keep waste to a minimum. Good luck

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