Another Halloween table

dreamgoddessOctober 30, 2010

I am really kinda disappointed in my table this week, but I threw it together pretty quickly yesterday and really didn't have time to plan out the tablescape. Oh well, it is what it is. LOL!

Here is a link that might be useful: Season of the Witch

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Of course, it was ALL great. Those are some fancy witch shoes. My favorite all-time thing on the table was the severed finger knife rests. Very clever, indeed. I'm putting that one on my "Remember for next year list" to be sure.

Your table, or should I say Lizette's table, is terrific. If you did this without planning, I can't imagine what you'd do with a little time to think about it.

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DG, you must tell Lizette how much I enjoyed her table. With her fancy hat and those wonderful boots--well what more could you ask for in a centerpiece??? ;o) Your spideweb tablecloth is just perfect, and I love all your glittery candles too. Neat idea having the spell book too. Those severed fingers as knife rests just cracked me up--they look like they've been buried in sand too! You are wonderfully creative Dream, I love it all!


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This 'Thrown Together' table is superb!
I too can't imagine what you'd do better with planning it.
Great color combination with your web cloth and what a fabulous centerpiece.
I actually wore boots like those, 'back in the day' and they are the perfect accent for the Witch hat. Where did you find those napkin rings? I love them, and the candleholders with the little skull accents are another great touch.
Those finger rests (sorry OA >>> different strokes)
..are really creepy! lol


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Thank you ladies for the sweet words! I seriously just couldn't seem to get it together this week. Don't know what was wrong with me!

I love those severed fingers too. I bought them from a seller on ebay last year. She had some really neat stuff that she made from polymer clay. They were cinnamon scented when I bought them, but the scent has finally faded away. She had put glass glitter on them so they sort of sparkle.

I made the napkin rings from wooden rings and a wooden cat cut out. I just painted/glittered and hot glued it all together. The eyes are just some small green jewels.

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Commented on your blog, Kim. It looked great.

I bought the molds to make the witch finger cookies. Hope to try it this afternoon, need some energy!

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DG...Very clever idea with the nap rings.
Thanks for the info..making a mental note for the future.


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I like the napkin rings too. Thanks for the tip. More to add to my idea scrapbook.
Jane, how could you NOT love the fingers? After all, they're sugar-coated!

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Obviously Lisette is very temperamental, but she sure did create a cute table, (other than the fingers, LOL)
Sorry she put her dirty shoes on the table but they are quite fashionable, especially with the stiped stockings!

I'm pretty sure someone on this forum is going to like all the purple accents you used. Anyone's name popping to mind?? LOL

Very creative, even if you need convincing.


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Dream, I think your new table is wonderful and so creative. I too laughed when I seen your severed fingers as knife rests. I thought my broom with severed fingers was creepy but yours are on the table under the knife! Love the boots on this table. So fun.


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purple...purple...I am sensing purple... so had to come see
what it was all about.
OHMYGOODNESS! Another fantastic "Dream" table. I'm sure you create them in your sleep!

Lisette sounds like a pistol (we use to have an OLD WOMAN on Garden Junk Forum that traveled around to everyone's house and caused untold mischief. All year long. Be glad
Lisette is limited to a few weeks! LOL.
I think her boots are so pretty that they deserve to be ON the table. Just don't ask where she's worn them. And the orange 'n PURPLE feather boa on her hat is quite the fashion statement for Madame. Wonderful table...and
then I saw the knife and severed fingers and cracked up.
I know its not nice to point and laugh, but I couldn't help myself. (Tho looks like the last person who "pointed" lost his appendage!)

Thanks for the big smile tonight, Dream. Or rather, thank Lisette for being so entertaining.

hugs, Karen

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I'm hoping Lisette is still up tonight & packing ...for the Halloween celebration tomorrow she needs to be on her best behavior. Wondering if you're playing her music to sleep by tonight (Nancy Sinatra tune)..."These boots are made for walkin' & that's just what they'll do..."

Kudos to Lisette for throwing this table tog! It's Halloween Heaven! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Kathleen, I hope you're feeling better. I can't wait to see how your witch finger cookies turn out! Where did you find the mold?

Jane and OA, the napkin rings were really simple. I found the cat cutouts at Michaels, but they had all kinds of different ones for Halloween.

Candy, yes Lisette has been quite a trial to have around this season. She thinks the striped stockings make her legs looks quite least they cover up all the boils! LOL

Punk, I must have missed your broom with the severed fingers. I need to go back and see if I can find it!

Karen, I laughed so hard when I read your post! "(Tho looks like the last person who "pointed" lost his appendage!)" That is hilarious! Now why couldn't I have thought of something like that when I was writing my post??

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DG, Lizzette may be a witch but she certainly knows how to set a table!!! VERY ELEGANT, Cemetery stompin boots and all. The knife rests are a hoot. Very cute napkin rings. I'll be trying that pear and pineapple cocktail for sure.
Happy Halloween

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