Stained Glass?

duttyMay 27, 2012

I'm wondering if anyone can give me some insight into the use of stained glass. I love craftsman homes and the arts and crafts homes that were really prevalent in the area I grew up. Unfortunately, I'm building in a swamp and arts and crafts would stick out like a SORE THUMB. So, we are building a farmhouse to fit into the area but it does have some craftsman influences.

If I wanted to incorporate a bit of stained glass, would that be totally out of the norm for an old farmhouse? Does anyone have pics of farmhouses that have stained glass? I googled but I'm not getting any info I can use.


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I love stained glass! I'm putting stained glass windows in my master bedroom wall about 7 ft high. (10 ft ceiling). They are 36" x 13". Our house is transitional with craftsman influences. I bought the stained glass panels years ago. Apparently they came out of a pub in England that was torn down so they are pretty old. My mom is a stained glass artist and she is reinforcing them for me.

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The first place they would place stained glass was on the stairwell, a square queen anne style sash or a square up "on point" (diamond-shaped) . The QA would be a border of colored squares around a center rectangle (or diamond-shaped quarters of colored glass) The on-point window could be a simple floral/foliate leaded design with a border.
The next popular place (if they could afford it) would be the front parlor window and the dining room. The more pieces, the more expensive it would be (still true) so for a farmhouse, probably don't overdo the complexity.
I think clear beveled patterns with just a bit of color are great, too, but for a fuller Victorian treatment stick with the ruby/cobalt/emerald and root beer (amber) tones. The more pastel and opalescent colors came later, but they're all great in their own ways.

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Thanks for the info!! I LOVE glass in the stairwell but unfortunately, our stairs don't open to the outside because they are centered in the home and we have a vestibule on the front side. We are considering stained glass for the vestibule but I wasn't sure it would be appropriate. We are not building a historic home but we do have some historic elements so I'm glad stained glass would have been used.

Thanks Again Casey and Tonya.

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