Can a ceiling height tile backsplash only be in an alcove?

Azure5June 9, 2014

We're redoing our bathroom and trying to come up with a few ideas for tiling. I love the look of the full tile backsplash right to the ceiling, but I'm wondering if it would be possible to do with our layout. The vanity with countertop is 72" wide and sits against 2 walls, not 3. Just up against an exterior wall on the left hand side.

Is there a written rule that says a counter to ceiling tile backsplash can only be used in an alcove? I don't like the idea of tiling the entire wall behind the bathroom door, it seems like a waste of money for something you'll almost never see. Can the wall tile just cover the 72" vanity or is that a huge no-no?

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I'm confused by what's on the wall that is perpendicular to the vanity.

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That's the current medicine cabinet that will be removed. The picture is just a rough example to show the layout of the room.

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If that wall is going to be 'blank', yes, I personally think it would look off-balance for the tile to end at the end of the vanity. I'm sure others will have a different opinion (it'll probably end up 50-50, and you'll still have to make up your own mind :-) )

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I think you could make it work if you have something on that blank wall space such as shelves or towel bars or a good size piece of art work.

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I haven't found that rule yet! I would just make sure that the tile you pick has a trim or bullnose piece that you can use to have a nice finished edge. Those are the details that differentiate a well thought out job.

Went to a house local house tour recently. The owner is supposed to be a designer and since I was about to remodel my own bath, I looked at the bathrooms very closely. I was not impressed that she had "raw" tile edges showing on the edges of the tub/shower walls. It just looked unfinished and poorly executed.

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I think it can work just fine. As badgergal and chispa suggested the key will be balancing the un-tiled space and having a finished edge to the tile.

Here is a picture of one where they stopped the tile in line with the vanity, and the window (and toilet) fill the remaining space.

Transitional Bathroom by Lyons Artists & Artisans Marc Hunter Woodworking : Design
(if you click on the image there are a few other views of this vanity and tile on houzz)

Since it looks like the entry door will swing to cover this wall, a shelf might not work, but a nice piece of artwork should.

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Thanks for all the quick responses everyone, I greatly appreciate it! :)

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