Costs on electrical?

itltrotJune 6, 2014

I'm not sure if anyone would any rough guesses on what the electrical should cost for my renovation.

8 outlets (supposed to be 6 but they did 8 by accident)
2 vanity lights on switch
2 sconces on switch
1 chandelier on dimmer switch
1 fan on timer switch
heated flooring

All of the rough in work was completed when the walls were down to studs. I provided all the lights, timers, switches, heated flooring parts.

Plus 2 additional outlets in another bathroom which had finished walls. And 1 outlet in a ceiling in the LR.

Maybe I was way off base on what I expected it to cost. Honestly DH and I were going to DIY other than the heated floor for warranty purposes. But our electrician/friend needed some work traded out with DH. DH did approx $3200 worth of work with a hefty discount. Electrician fronted us $800 for parts but thinks the work he did and DH did is now even. To me $2500 seem out of line but I don't know.

Around here new construction houses get $75-100 per box. Not sure about remodel.

Any thoughts?

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Not sure whether my reply will be helpful, but we are in the similar situation. Our master bath will be remodeled and we will probably do most of the work ourselves.

We are planning to hire a licensed electrician for two separate lines though - for the heated floor and for the whirlpool tub. These lines must be dedicated and must meet manufactures requirements. The rough estimation was $400 for these lines - if the room will be gutted at the time of installation.

Now, about heated floors. We've done it before and I was going to use Suntouch system. However, I just discovered a new and exciting option for this - Schluter's Ditra-Heat system. It has lots of advantages IMO and the cost is very reasonable. I believe that that warranty will still be valid with DIY installation if you follow Schluter instructions. You need to measure resistance and something else during the installation and fill out their form to be eligible for the warranty. Not a big deal because you would do this for safety anyway.
It is a completely new product (was released this March in US). There are no long time experience with it, but Schluter reputation is enough for me to commit.

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That's about what it would be here in the urban Northeast, maybe a little less than I would have to pay the guy I usually use, who guarantees everything.

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The problem is whether you really have a fair trade, his electrical work for DH's work.

I don't think the electrician's $2,500 seems out of line. Logically, cost for wiring in a remodel would always be more. In a new build you can screw the boxes in, run wires, and walk away (more or less). In a remodel you don't have the same access, wires need to be fished, holes need to be drilled through studs with minimum access, and all without totally trashing the drywall.

If he values his work at $2500 and DH values his at $3200, then you have a $700 difference. Given the circumstances of the trade, maybe you need to agree that at some future date you will call on your friend to do some other (lesser) electrical thing - UNLESS, the $800 in parts hasn't been accounted for. If so, then you're even.

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Our remodel was as close to new construction as possible. No drywall anywhere. Total access to everything. DH was giving him a discount at $3200 which at this point is I think is silly. The work he did would be closer to $4200 but since he has little overhead he cut him a break. The electrician originally was going to do the work himself. Instead he sent 2 employees and hadn't offered any price adjustments. Even on the hours they had to come back due to not following the plans.

But what's done is done. A lesson learned. Get a firm price estimate before and don't give discounts.

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In new construction you have $1800 worth of drops + the floor heater.

$2500 doesn't sound unreasonable to me either.

Did you provide the wire ?

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