To Muntin, or not to Muntin, that is the question.

whallydenMay 21, 2012

The budget is tight and there may be an opportunity to upgrade from Marvin Integrity to a Marvin Ultimate or Andersen 400 if I can find some ways to trim our window order.

One thing I'm considering is dropping the SDLs from the windows on the rear elevation. Thoughts?

Here is a link that might be useful: Elevation & Floorplan

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done that way all the time, no issues what so ever with that being done

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Given your stated goal of architectural consistency and the importance of the muntin pattern to the overall look of the house I'd say definitely keep the muntins. You probably won't like the "blank stare" look of undivided windows given a general craftsman theme to the house.

In our window shopping it seemed like the jump from Andersen 400 or Integrity to Ultimate was many thousands of dollars, while the SDLs were a matter of hundreds for 30-some windows. (Andersen 400's and Integrity's were about the same price in our shopping, and the Integrity seemed like a much better performing, better built window)

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rwiegand -- Thank-you for supporting my gut decision -- We just pulled the trigger yesterday on Integrity with Muntins all around. Simplifying the pattern from prairie to a 2W1H, replacing a few DHs with fixed picture windows and replacing the Swinging French Doors with Sliding French Doors all helped to save enough to make it work within the budget.

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