Costume built tub. What to consider?

emily_mbJune 16, 2013

I can't fit a deep japsnese type soaker through the door. So, if I am going to have one, it is going to have to be built like a spa pool only mini in size. Maximum inside dimensions of 22" x 48" x 24".

Weight. This is a condo built in the 60's. Floors were concrete. Would the floors have been made equally strong everywhere? There was a tub in the bathroom a couple of feet away from where I want to put this one. How could I allow this to unravel into the mess I've become?

Weight. Is there another option for building the walls besides poured concrete?

Permeability. How safe are these in terms of leaks. Can something like this be trusted to not leak?

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you could have a stainless steel tub fabricated in sections to fit through the doors and have it welded up in the room.

For a tile tub like picture, a waterproof membrane and an appropriate drain will be just fine.

Swimming pools are placed on the upper floors of high rises all the time and they hold A LOT more water than a bathtub.

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Thank you, Xedos!

Any other ideas or concerns out there?

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