Just here to rave about a Toto toilet...

ideagirl2June 8, 2014

We just replaced the old toilet in our master bath with a Toto CST454CEFG 1.28gal one, and I figured some people might like to know that this is a great toilet. It is secretly (i.e., not advertised as) a dual-flush toilet--press the handle halfway down for a small flush, or all the way for a full one. It's quiet, flushes quickly, looks great.


Also, because our bathroom still has its original 1940s tile and bathtub, we went with a dark wood toilet seat (matches the woodwork) with brass hinges, and it looks appropriately retro. You could also easily make this toilet look modern by choosing a different seat--it doesn't come with a seat.

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Babka NorCal 9b

I discovered that with our Toto toilet (1.28 one piece) that if you hold the handle down you get a full flush...(for ahem, solids) and just a quick pull down on the handle gives you less. Nothing in the literature said that. Works for me too!


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Mick Mick

I just ourchased that exact same toilet and color. I bought the soft close seat for it. I am excited to get it installed. My second toto. Funny the things we get excited over.

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Now, buy the Toto Washlet 300 Bidet seat for it.

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That's good to know. I bought a Vespin II for our future remodel, which is a modified Drake. I had considered the Aquia for the dual-flush so I'm glad that's likely a non-issue!

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I am just about to buy the ultramax ii online! I'm worried about buying the comfort height. My friend says she has one and really dislikes it. I'm about to buy for the whole house. Can somebody advise ASAP?


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WE have the Toto comfort height in the master bath.
The other 2 bathrooms have regular height Kohlers.
I'm gonna replace them with comfort heights.

We're in our 70's and many of our guests are not far "behind us", (age wise), so at least for the "Geritol Generation", "It's the only way to go"~~~~~


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Also chiming in for the comfort height (Toto Drake). We have one in our master bathroom; regular height in the others. Even though I am, shall we say, somewhat vertically challenged, I really like the comfort height. We got it probably 4 or 5 years ago when we were in our 50's. But bad knees here so I appreciate it even more.

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I have a 5 yr old and an 8 yr old and they use the comfort height Toto Drake II and Vespin IIs just fine. ;)

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I think I'm the only person on the planet that hates the comfort height. We have one comfort height in the hall bath and one regular in our master. I am not even short (5'7") and I hate the comfort height. I can barely reach the floor while sitting and it feels like my legs are dangling uncomfortably.

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We purchased a Toto Ultramax II comfort height for hall bath for its simple one piece look. Even I am only 5'4", I found it is comfortable to use, saves water, and never have any flushing problem. Toto SanoGloss is awesome, it is very easy to clean.

We liked the Ultramax II so much, we put same model of different color in guest and master Bathrooms.

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We had two Eco Promenades put in for my mom and she loves them. Supposedly they are Eco Drakes mechanically, with a more retro exterior. She is saving a lot of well water, but the Sanigloss is picking up some green tinge from her old copper pipes, and she wishes the bowl wash-out was a little more aggressive. I think these are just things you have to live with.

So . . . my Promenade is on the UPS truck out for delivery today! (Yes, pathetically exciting for me.). Because of her remark on bowl wash, I went with the old G-Max instead of Eco. We had a discussion here a couple of months ago about water remaining in the bowl -- there isn't much -- and some kind person here pointed out to me that the Toto schematics show the same amount of standing water regardless of flush mechanism.

So I may have chosen wrongly. We shall see. After a trial run, I have two more to replace.

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I just got a plain old Drake. Round seat, regular height. I ordered a 1.6 gpm and day of install realized it is 1.2 gpm. My BD tells me the supplier said they could no longer sell/ship 1.6 to California. Not sure that's accurate, but I now have a 1.2. I have christened it, 'nuff said. So far, so good. I have noticed that if I hold the handle down it does a bigger flush. Is that for real, or just my imagination?

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Do these have a "skid-mark" problem?

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Yes, Linelle, it does flush more if you hold the handle down, less if you just push the handle halfway. That's what I meant about it being secretly a dual-flush toilet. I wonder why they don't advertise it as one?

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hoovb, no skids yet. Early days. Had I known I would be forced into a 1.2, I would have made a more informed choice. But toilet is installed and I will deal.

ideagirl2, I'm glad to know it isn't my imagination. Mostly the 1.2 will be dandy and cut down on water consumption. For the other times, a bigger flush is appropriate.

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Mick Mick

I got my drake I I installed yesterday. I love it. Good flush. Very comfortable. Yay!!!

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Jackfre: "Now, buy the Toto Washlet 300 Bidet seat for it."

An advanced toilet seat, yes; a Toto Washlet 300, no.

Inax, which invented the advanced toilet seat and did all the basic research on what were optimum configurations, determined that the optimum angle of incidence of the water spray for "posterior" cleansing is 70ð from horizontal (or just 20ð from vertical) and -- therefore -- from the start manufactured INAX seats with two independent spray wands, because a wand that was positioned to deliver a spray at the optimal angle to the "posterior" position was not well placed for directing a spray to the bidet position. So INAX designed its seats with a separate wand specifically for the bidet spray. Each of the two INAX spray wands is positioned to deliver the water spray at an optimal angle.

Toto, which was a couple years behind on the basic research, decided to use a single spray wand (with two nozzles) for both functions. In order to do that, Toto had to position the wand for the posterior cleansing so that the spray impinges at a 43ð angle, actually closer to horizontal than to vertical. The 27ð differenbe in the angle of spray means that the spray that hits the posterior orifice is angled toward the front of the toilet (think about that).

Knowing that difference, when we purchased an advanced toilet seat in the United States, we purchased an INAX Clessence, and it is superb. The rest of our extended family resides in Japan, and most of their homes have Toto Washlets, because the contractors who built their homes had a "special relationship" with the local Toto distributor. (Special relationships are VERY important in Japan.) We have stayed in their homes many times, and -- believe me -- the two-wand INAX toilet seats clean what needs to be cleaned better than the one-wand Toto Washlets. They just do.

Toto, which has been in the North American market longer than INAX has, and INAX, both use American subcontracted internal parts in their toilets sold here, but I am unsure whether they, or either of them, subcontracts for parts for their seats. However, INAX (technically, INAX's corporate parent, Lixil) purchased American Standard a year or so ago, so you can be assured that INAX is "all in" for American sales and distribution.

FWIW, if you read closely in the toilet forums of the Terry Love website, you will see that Terry Love himself, who is a big fan of Toto toilets, has at least one INAX Clessence installed in his own home, presumably on a Toto toilet. Our Clessence, also, is installed on a Toto Vespin II. The white color of the INAX Clessence (the only color option) is as close a match to Toto's "Cotton White" as one could hope for.

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MizLizzie, I have the Promenade with the 1.6 flush and I love it! I don't have any issues with keeping it clean. If I recall the instructions said to use dish soap to clean the bowl, but I haven't looked in a few years and could be wrong. Anyway that is what I use and I have had absolutely no problems with my Promenade (not the eco).

Funny there are no pictures of the toilets. :)

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Then perhaps you will not laugh at me, enduring, when I say how elegant and classic I think your 'loo looks! ;-). With cottage or traditional decor -- or even the retro loft look -- the Promenade, IMHO, is hard to beat. Over time, we will be putting them in all our bathrooms. I am looking forward to comparing Mom's 1.2 Eco to this new 1.6 Gmax.

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HM, I bow to more detailed research. I will say that the adjustability of the Toto wand yields excellent results. A side benefit is that being on a septic system this seat requires much reduced tp use, which is good for the system. As well, on these seats, all I can say is that as I shave my head and a wash and dry on the other end is pretty nice;)

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1.28 gal is the max for cal. I have two totos, one I love, flushes solids with .9 gallons. The other, skid marks from me only. I will have to change it.

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