second floor - need your expertise

housebuilder14May 13, 2014

I am not loving the layout of the master bath - especially the fact that the sinks are on the wall of my child's bed. But the bath is strategically placed to take advantage of the ocean view.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Also - I know the bedrooms each have their own bath - but that is a must in the area I live in. The other room upstairs is a laundry room.

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Change the location of the toilet (to the area where the door is now) and turn or split the sinks (90* to each other).

Sinks also don't really use that much water, so won't actually be that loud. But, I think you can avoid having them both on that wall, and maybe neither one.

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thanks kirkhall but i am not sure what you mean by turn or split the sinks. just fyi that big box with an x is the massive shower my husbands wants.

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All the bedroom closets are very inefficient, and all but the master should be reach-in instead of walk-in. You are not gaining any storage space in the closets by making them walk-in - half of the space is walkway. And the closet in the lower right bedroom is tiny!

The walk-ins in the MB, however, are practically the same size as the bedroom itself! Walk-in closets work best with clothes hanging on both sides, but not the corners - you can't access anything in a corner if there are clothes hanging perpendicular to it.

I don't see any storage at all in the bathrooms, except under the small vanities. Where will you store towels, extra shampoo, cleaning products and TP?

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Well there will be some storage under the sink for tp, shampoo, etc. and probably a draws as well for tooth brush, hair stuff. Cleaning supplies, towels, etc. can go in the laundry room closets.

I am always confused when someone says that a reach in is better. I can do reach in but the extra space basically goes to the bedroom which doesn't add much. (although maybe you are saying to get rid of the extra space altogether?) Anyway, if I leave as walk in I can do shelves on each side and then hanging in the middle. That is what we have in a closet in my current house and it works quite well. We also use some of the floor space for storage.

The MB closets are quite large - I can make them smaller if I want to make MB a little large or do something else. I am not really looking to shrink the plan just make it function better!!! We will spend time designing the closet layout when its all framed out. Its big so I am not worried that I won't be able to get the hanging/shelving that I want.

The third secondary bedroom is a guest room and does have a small closet. Not sure how to make it bigger though.

Thanks all - anything else?????

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anything else? i could really use the help.

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If the problem is the sinks are behind the bed, move the bed. It would work better, anyway, so DK doesn't have to walk around the bed to get to the other side of the room, whether it's under the window or against the chimney.

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thanks bpathome
anything else in terms of flow? this is my dream home
waant it to be perfect

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I'd simplify the perimeter. This complicated footprint serves no purpose and will be incredibly expensive to build.

The laundry door may be a problem. It's going to knock against that closet door. Options: 1) Go with a pocket door -- after all, that's not a door where privacy is needed. 2) Move the closets to another location in the laundry room and have a plain countertop behind the door.

I agree that ALL the bathrooms need a linen closet -- under-cabinet storage is minimal at best. I have only a 24" wide linen closet in my bathroom, but it's plenty for towels, extra toiletries and (most importantly) a hamper in the lower half. When you find yourself in an emergency, all the toilet paper in the world doesn't help . . . if it's stored in the laundry room.

I personally would cut two of the bathrooms and save MAJOR money. Plus I would never want to clean all these!

I like the massive walk-in shower. Since you say this is your dream home /forever home, I'd definitely be sure it's a barrier-free, no-door shower. Of course, since it's upstairs, that's not such an important point.

You said you don't understand the idea of why people suggest a reach-in closet. Here's the reason: A walk-in closet ONLY makes sense from a mathematical /maximize storage space point of view when the closet is wide enough for storage on BOTH SIDES. Look at the walk-in closet spaces in some of your secondary bedrooms. You have a square space so it's a walk-in . . . but how much storage space /hanging space will actually be available? It's really only the back of the closet (the same amount of space you'd have with a reach-in). In a case like this, you gain no extra hanging space . . . so you're building closet space that serves no purpose except walking space. In a case like this, it makes more sense to keep that open space in the bedroom, where it is available for other purposes.

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