AEG wall ovens

carterkitchenMay 6, 2012

hello all,

I'm looking for any information or opinions on AEG wall ovens and AEG in general. I'm looking at them for their line of 24inch wall ovens. There is no information on the forum search. I would love to do the Miele 24" but the budget does not run to that.

Can anyone recommend a decent (but not Wolf/miele/gaggeneau) 24 wall oven?

I will be pairing it with a microwave above it so if there are matched pairs, so much the better.



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AEG is Electrolux, and they are pretty well thought of here in Garden Web Appliance Forum---of course there is always an exception, as there is with all ovens.

I've had one, Electrolux Icon 30" Oven for >5 years now.
It bakes very accurately, no problems or service calls, and I love the fully gliding out racks, the large Wavetouch display and the cobalt blue interior and the lighting for same.

Don't feel to bad about not having the budget for the Miele ovens--why???----Do a search for Miele Ovens, on the main appliance page, at the bottom.

Good luck on your Quest!


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Hi Caspian,

We don't have room for a double oven so are looking at one of these little guys to handle the lighter loads, frozen appetizers, keeping all the potluck bits warm. Figure a 24" oven should be easier on power and the small AEG isn't much more $ than a warming drawer. Did you find out anything more, and did you wind up getting one??

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