Terrazzo floor grout

JamieJune 25, 2012

Situation: 16" Dalatile traditional terrazzo in oyster colorway, laid on diagonal with spacing 1/6" maximum (some less, in small/standard size bathroom, grout stained to match background cement-gray of tile.

Based on suggestions here I asked contractor to use a grout that would resist staining, epoxy or ??.

I've cut and pasted the contractor response, and I'd really like your opinion. Thanks so much in advance.

Here's what contractor says:


We prefer to use epoxy grout from Mapei. Follow this link to the specifications sheet. http://www.mapei.com/public/COM/products/kerapoxytds_ea.pdf

On page 2, under the heading "For use as a grout", the first bullet point states that it should be used for joint width of 1/16" to 3/8". The upstairs bath is 1/6" or less. This is concerning to me. The product is very thick and will be difficult to get into the small joints very well.

The second bullet point cautions about scratching or staining some tile materials. The terrazzo tile scratches very easily. We noticed that when installing it. I am very concerned about the epoxy grout scratching the tile.

My suggestion is to go with unsanded water based grout with an added stain and mold blocker.


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If it scratches easily from grouting, then that's some of the cheapest terrazzo I've ever heard of. Typically, terrazzo is some of the toughest materials around. As for the joiunt size and epoxy, that also shouldn't be a problem. Don't over-study it. Most epoxies are made with super fine sands so that there ISN'T a problem with the msaller grout joints. now, it's been a long time since I've used the kerapoxy. But I've used Opti-color several times in the recent past, and I know it has the fine sand, and that's also a Mapei epoxy.

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