Cemplank??? What do you know about it??

cbarkstonMay 30, 2012

We clearly asked the builder for Hardiplank (at least two or three times). We got Cemplank---house is 1/2 sided right now and more is probably going up as we speak. We have a meeting with the building foreman in an hour. Don't know much of anything about Cemplank except that it's a product made by Hardie. We are pretty sure---at least as far as appearance, though we have other bigger concerns---we don't like it as much as Hardiplank. And we're also pretty sure Cemplank is a cheaper alternative to Hardiplank. What do you know about it and what would you do about it? Hardiplank isn't spelled out in the contract but it is mentioned once in the warranty book we were given...

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As far as I remember Cemplank before being purchased by Hardi was pretty much the same product but the trim was slightly different (don't remember how now). The pricing if I remember was slightly less but after being purchased by Hardi I thought the name went away so in all honesty I have no clue what the difference is today.

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