Dollbaby's 'Fall Harvest' Tray'scape

jeannespinesOctober 7, 2012

Here's Dollbaby's 'Fall Harvest' Tray'scape ... GAP overhauls/dress & her new hat that I added new ribbon. She's wearing her tennies, too...Dollbaby was pretty 'miffed' that she didn't get changed into her Halloween clothes! (oh well...won't be much longer).

The plate is a thrift shop find this summer ....

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Photobucket is not co-operating w/me today ... here's full view pic from last night (no flash) ... Happy Fall! Jeanne S.

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She's totally adorable, as always. This outfit and her tray are just Fall-icious tho. I could scoop her right up!

hugs, Karen
(and Teegan who is jealous now)

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Karen is so right, Dollbaby's adorable. I've been thinking about the girls lately. Cute tray decorated with apples and leaves. Cute plate you found. Looks wonderful w/tree and border. Are the apples faux? Perfect size for her tray.

I will try to watch after Halloween sales this year and see if I can get some orange/black clothes for all the little tots. I really need to quit working so much.LOL


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Adorable! Love her little Gap outfit and cute straw hat!
She looks like a true 'Farm Girl'!
Cute TS plate and the little apple basket is the cutest
touch too!
Missed seeing her..and look forward to her Halloween outfit.

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Thanks, karen, punk & jane ... ohhh...oh, talkin' & dressin' our girls ... my, my ... glad my kids aren't 'Holiday' followers! LOL! Jeanne S.

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O M G. That is *perfect*! I was never fond of dolls so I never get excited by them, but that hat and little basket w/ apples, and even the plate, are just knockouts to me. Really cute. I would love a hat like that for myself!

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Party, I never was fond of dolls either...even as a little girl. Wanted to be outside, and with animals. Then I go and totally fall in love with DollBaby here and suddenly I "had" to have a doll to play with! When I bought Teagan, and showed her to my daughter, hooooo-eeeeeey, you should have seen the eye-rolling! And each holiday when I've decorated her tray and dressed her in something cute, I continue to show it to my daughter (she just turned 45 btw) and she obviously thinks I've lost more than a few of my marbles. I did get her to admit that Teagan is really a sweet looking doll. LOL. Oh, Mr Oblivious still doesn't know about her...tho over a year has passed. She's in my study and he never goes in there. I figure by time she starts college, he might know she's here. ;o)
Seriously tho, in looking at some of the decorating blogs, I was a bit surprised at how many women either collect dolls or have a couple they enjoy doing up for the holidays.
So Jeanne, Punk, and I, apparently aren't the only ones.

hugs, Karen

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LOL, purplemoon ... whew...that is a relief that we are not alone! I'm not a 'doll person' either ... grew up 'outside' ... the most fun place to be! My sis always had her nose in a book & I thought that was the most boring thing to do! My Mom LOVED dolls in her 'second childhood' of life ... so Dollbaby makes me smile cause Mom gave her to me many yrs ago. Thanks, everyone! Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

That is the cutest hat ever! Looks like Dollbaby is all set for some good fall cookin'. She looks so cute in her bib overalls and tennies.

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Love the apple theme you went with for her clothes and tray. The little apple basket is darling and you found a perfect plate.

I'm glad you three all decorate your dolls, I enjoy seeing them each season/holiday.


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She looks quite happy with her "new" outfit and those cute shoes. The tray is just right as always.
Looking forward to her Halloween outfit.
I bought some outfits for Rosemary May, but she is still in her Easter dress!!! I hadn't thought to look for a Halloween outfit for her, but may have to do that so she won't feel left out, LOL.

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Oh gosh, candy! I forgot about 'Rosemary May' ...& as far as her being in her Easter dress, so was Dollbaby! Well, I bet RMay will be a bit 'miffed,' too better find something for Halloween quick! Please share when you do & relay my apology for forgetting that she joined the group! Dollbaby kept telling me that I was forgetting someone!!! Hugs, Jeanne S.

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