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sararosenyMay 9, 2013

I've been researching on gardenweb (thanks everyone!) and with appliance stores and am trying to put together our appliance pakcage for our new kitchen. Here's what we are thinking:

Kitchenaid Counter depth fridge (KFC22EV)

Dacor warming drawer DWD305

Bosch 800 series dishwasher (SHE7ER55UC on closeout)

Sharp Microwave drawer- will be above the warming drawer on the island, but doesn't seem like it will match so good so I'm considering the Dacor which is a few hundred more $

My big questions are about the oven and the cooktop:

Oven- I've narrowed it to:
GE Monogram ZET958SmSS (Although considering spluging for the XET2PMMS for the look)

Wolf CT36G

Appliance dealers were trying to talk me out of the Bluestar and couldn't even give me prices on it. (Anyone know the going price??) I like the easy clean of the Wolf but the Bluestar open burners seem like a better machine.

If anyone has thoughts or advice on these options, I'd greatly appreciate it.


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We have a Bosch 33550UC 27" double wall oven for a few weeks now, and we are very happy with it! We chose this over the 500 and 800 series for budget reasons and don't feel like we're missing anything. Electrolux is also popular on GW.

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Outside of Gagg,Wolf, and possibly one or two other luxury niche brand ovens there is not a better one.

BTW You can't miss something you have never had.

BlueStar RBCT365BSS ~$2,050

Far far better than Wolf.

KA fridge and Bosch 800+ DW on closeout are good buys.

You can buy a paneled warming drawer to skip matching issues.

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Thank you.
I like the paneled warming drawer idea- didn't think of that.

In terms of the Electrolux, the aplliance guy said "repairment don't like it"- do you know what he could mean by that? Will I be able to get service?

THanks again for your help.

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Deeageaux, you're so right! We are already appreciating the function and features on the Bosch 300 that the old 1981 Caloric lacked ... although, the Caloric's timer was easier to use. If we went any higher end right away we'd be so giddy we wouldn't know what to do with ourselves; we'll work our way up! Just sayin', for the price -- and I don't know what Sararose's budget is -- for an everyday home cook (me) and an enthusiastic weekend cook (DH), it does a fine job and it's intuitive besides ... except for that blame timer :)

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