Is ClearShield shower protector worth it?

athensmomof3May 15, 2012

I am about to order 3 starfire shower doors (one for master, two for boys showers). Adding ClearShield adds 150.00 roughly per shower. Is it worth it? Does it work as advertised? I can assure you that no boy in my house (including my husband) will squeegee the door - so if you don't squeegee does it work?

We have glass doors in our current shower. They have been there 20 years. They definitely get soap scum on them but do not appear to be etched or pitted from water.

I have also read about Clear-X, sold at Ace Hardware. It is self applied and 8 bucks a bottle. It supposedly lasts a couple of months. Of course, even if it works as well as the Clear Shield, you still have to apply it 6 times a year - so for me 180 times over the 10 year ClearShield warranty period.

Does any one have any experience with this?

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I do not have any experience but I opted to not pay for the ClearShield and just get the stuff at HD. At the time when I made the decision it seemed like we were upgrading every other day and I was getting that tightness in my throat so... Now that we're almost finished and we know the final number, I'd probably just do it.

By the way, I keep hoping to see more pictures of hour house :-)

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I got it...and LOVE it! I mean like hearts and flowers love it. That was a huge thing for me...we had a glass shower in our old house and it was next to impossible to keep the glass clear. I didn't know about it until my builder asked if I wanted it...I was thrilled and would have paid even more! Actually, the children's baths each have a tub/shower combo (they are nice tubs with pretty tiled walls) in part because I didn't know about the ClearShield when we were planning the house and I KNEW I didn't want to worry about their glass! If I had known, I might have done just a shower for DS (although he occasionally will soak if he is sore after practice.)

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cbus - I totally get it. I feel like we have done lots of upgrades too (including adding a finished basement - made that decision after we saved a bunch on foundation and structural steel . . . of course we also overspent on other areas!)

Nini - you have convinced me. It is roughly 450 more for 3 showers but hearts and flowers love it is quite a recommendation!!!!

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I think I can probably still change my mind. Gonna have a talk with the check writer tonight :-)

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Before reading this thread, I had never before never heard of ClearShield (or Clear-X for that matter)and it is waaay to late for me to get ClearShield since we've been moved in for two years now. :-(

I just have one glass-walled shower in a guest bath that doesn't get all that much use but cleaning hard water spots off of it is already becoming a bit of a drag! Can some one please tell me more about the Clear-X stuff that Athensmom mentioned? I searched ACE Hardware's online site and can't find it. And we don't have any ACE Hardware stores in my area anymore so I can't go in and ask about it.

Does it work? How difficult is it to apply? And is it sold, maybe under some other name, by anybody except ACE Hardware?

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Um. . . that is because it is actually called Clean X - sorry! They will ship to store for free. Here is the link - it may help you find it somewhere else. I read several good reviews of it on this site and others.

My builder has caretakers who take care of several of the houses he has built (on lakes, ocean, etc.) and they swear by them. He says the caretakers say they keep the doors clean for a couple of weeks, minimum. They use the aftermarket products, applied by the caretaker or the window washer according to my builder. Of course, I have neither a caretaker or a window washer ;)

Here is a link that might be useful: Clean-X

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Made a note of this product for future reference.

It also helps to use liquid soap to prevent soap scum.

I have a wall- mounted soap dispenser in my boys shower. It has two bottles. I have Johnson's baby wash in both sides, and they use it for hair and body.

Haven't had the guts to mount one on my beautiful tile although it is mounted with adhesive rather than screws.

But, we actually use liquid baby soap in my shower as well, as it leaves very little residue.

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Athensmom, a caretaker would solve a LOT of my problems!! ;) Where can we sign up for this mythical creature???

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No idea nini:)

I found the Clear-X on Amazon by searching Invisible Shield shower protector. Just ordered some and will try it out in this house just out of curiosity. Someone suggested applying it to interior of toilet bowls before they are installed - like Sanigloss maybe?

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Part of the factory applied protectants design is not only soap scum but iron and other harsh minerals in the water which will soak into the pores of the glass and not be able to be removed.

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Thanks Athensmom! I've ordered some Clean-X and will give it a try.

Wish I'd heard of the factory applied protectants earlier. I have to get down on my hands & knees inside the shower - with the doors closed - in order to be able to reach all the glass. (The shower doors slide to the side so they block part of the glass walls when open.) Get up and down in that confined space can be a bit tricky. LOL! To save myself from having to do it, I would definitely have sprung for another $150 for the factory applied ClearShield if I had such things existed.

Live and Learn. SIGH...

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I second the liquid soap recommendation. I think I may have read it here a couple of years ago. It makes sense, since it is liquid at room temperature that it wouldn't solidify to form a scum on the glass, but I won't even tell you how seldom I really clean my glass (I do squeegee, but it only takes seconds-- I would not have thought I would be willing to do that, either, but I don't like cleaning glass!) Of course with other people who can't be convinced, you've just got to do everything you can. But I promise the liquid soap will help a LOT! I used to really dread cleaning our old shower doors, even with the same soft water it was an ordeal. Now I'm going to look into this miracle coating, though! For next time...

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My glass installer recommended Clean-X if I wasn't willing to spring for the Clear Shield (I wasn't). Same story -- so far over budget and I was trying to economize. DH said we didn't need it. Ask me how many times he cleans the shower.

Clean-X goes on just like car polish. It's a clear liquid that dries to a slight haze. You then buff it off with a soft cloth.

P.S. -- more is not better. Apply lightly or it's b..... to get off. It won't look perfect right away -- maybe I didn't buff enough. But after a few showers, and religious use of a squeegee after EVERY use, the glass looks great.

I also applied a thin coat to my faucets. You can also use it on tile, but DO NOT use it on floors - it is slippery. I also don't think you can use it on natural stone, marble or granite.

My cleaning lady has been away for 3 weeks (I know, lucky me!) and the doors still look brand new.

Glass installer said to reapply every 4 - 6 months. The glass has only been in for a few weeks, so we'll see.

BTW, glass installer said she used it when her doors were installed 7 years ago and they still look the same as the day they went in. She grew up in the glass business and couldn't believe what a difference it made.

Sorry now I didn't do it, at least for the master bath. . . .

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My husband is a GC and just installed Clear Shield in a professional locker room - though not the first time he has used it. He says it definitely works and is worth it.

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Good to know. Pulled the trigger a couple of days ago. Glad to know I am not wasting my money!

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Is the Clear Shield something that has to be applied before the shower is ever used, or can it be done 6 months after? UGH - I hate I didn't know about this product when we finished our build 5.5 months ago.

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Factory applied surface protectant, it is not a field applied product. Showerguard which now has a lifetime warranty is an even better product that is actually added to the glass when it is formed. It does essentially the same thing except all surfaces have the Showergurad on them. Clearshield, Diamon Fusion, Cardinal 10 and the like are surface applied and only to the inside face of the shower.

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Thank you for the explanation - I don't think I was even offered this upgrade and this is something I would have sprung for.

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I just got a quote for two shower doors today. Fortunately I saw on their website they offer a free ClearShield with a coupon. Yippee!

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I'm just wondering...wouldn't a squegee after every use wipe off the standing water and soap?

You know, that rubber thingey with a handle on it that all window washters use to clean windows.

Cost of a squegee at Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond, etc., is probably less than $5. It's what I use and we have well water.

Only a thought!

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