Shower Window...err in judgement?

gypsy_jazzJune 14, 2012

Our fully gutted house is in the framing stage - new windows have not yet been installed. There is a second floor bathroom with a window in the tub/shower area. Its a 5x11 room with the tub/shower at the end under the window.

Originally, a roughly 1ft9in x 3ft fiberglass casement(all other windows are aluminum clad exterior with pine interiors) was called out. Upon ordering windows, I changed it to an awning style that about 15in x 30in(so, short and wide). I felt there was too much glass and too much exposure for a window in a shower. No the sill would be at about 5ft6in off the floor of the tub.

Anyway, to make a long story short our architect sent me a scolding email becaused the interior of this window is now pine, just like the rest of the windows in the house. He's worried about rotting, etc. Honestly, I think the fiberglass looks cheap. I thought the sill would be high enough to not attract much water, and the jamb will be wrapped in tile. So, only the sash is vulnerable.

Did I make a huge mistake? Honestly, I'm still confortable with much choice, but didn't like the scolding!

Thoughts on mitigating potential issues?

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Not a huge mistake but the sash will rot unfortunately no matter as no matter what you do it will get and be wet. It may last a couple of years if your lucky. You may be able to prolong the rotting by sealing it with Varathane Liquid Plastic or something similar but.....

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I'm sorry his email was less than diplomatic.

We are finishing up a to-the-studs reno of our 1960's bathroom with a wood window in the shower. It was pretty terrible - not only was the window trim rotted, but all the studs under the window and the insulation under the window were completely rotten.

Unless the window is in a location that will get only a few water droplets every once in a while, I would strongly urge you to reconsider so that you don't have to rip it out one day and go through what we have.

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Thanks for your replies. I have an email into the window rep for a replacement cost in fiberglass. I could use this window on the garage and call it done. I don't think its a huge expense, but annoying nonetheless as I'm eating crow!

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albryant, sorry did not realize I need to be diplomatic. gypsy asked a question and i answer it. You said essentially the same thing the only difference is I cut right to the chase.

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Millworkman - I was referring to the email she got from her architect. She said he scolded her, so I said I was sorry he wasn't tactful in his advice. My comment was not directed at you.

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Sorry for your misinterpreting your post, I realize I was a little direct but she sounded like she needed the advice pronto and figured no sense beating around the bush and being at all vague.

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