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maximavswifeOctober 13, 2011

To our family. My oldest son called last night and told me he finally proposed to his wonderful girlfriend! I was wondering if he was going to wait until he received his Doctorate at the end of next year. I didn't think I could wait that long myself!! I am just so excited and happy. I just love her and they make such a perfect couple. She is the daughter I have always wanted :) They are planning a simple wedding sometime next year in Michigan where she is from and where they both live. I hereby promise to be the best MIL ever! :) Here are some pictures of them. My son, what a goof. God love her for appreciating his humor :)


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What wonderful news Kath!
They look perfect together.

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What a beautiful couple! Congratulations to your son and soon to be new daughter!

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Your excitement comes right thru the computer! Great news and Congratulations to all of you.

I know you will be a super MIL, and I bet she loves you as much as you already love her. Isn't it wonderful when a son marries a girl you'd want as your own daughter! Jason's wife is like that to me. We all loved her from the beginning and told him he better keep her! LOL.

I imagine you will be walking around with a huge smile on your face for a long time. ;o)
hugs, Karen

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How wonderful...Congratulations to ALL!
They make a lovely couple. I'm not only happy for them but for you too...
Here's to being the best MIL there is!

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Oh, great news, maxi! They are a CUTE couple! Congrats to you & your extended family! I like your son's 'grin!' ;-) Jeanne S.

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Congrats! What a handsome couple! I also have a DIL that is absolutely perfect, as if I hand picked her myself! I always side with her if she and my son have a little tiff. lol.

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Kath, so happy for all of you. DS looks tickled so it must be the right time. It will be so wonderful to have a DIL you adore. How many childeren do you have?

Hope you will be able to help w/decorations for the wedding. Just today at the office I got a compliment on all the bouquets around we made for DD's wedding.


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Congratulations to you all!!
That is great news! I foresee a lot of trips to Michigan in your future!! Bet you didn't know I could see into the future,LOL!

Now you have to go shopping for your dress!
So wonderful that she is MIL approved, should make life a lot easier for everyone.

Super news, so happy for you all,

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That's wonderful, Kathe, best of luck to them!

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Congrats Kath - how wonderful that you can already love her like a daughter - wishing them the best of everything in the future .....


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