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jaymo1May 5, 2012

We're just getting started on our whole-house remodel. My main focus has always been the kitchen, but now that it's time to really start looking at appliances, I'm at a loss! I thought I knew what I wanted, but in doing my research, I've run into people who hate almost everything I was planning to get.

I love to cook and bake (make a lot of sauces so I need a great simmer). I also do some water canning in the late summer and fall so I need a decent, large, hot burner, too. I was thinking of getting a range and was planning to get a Wolf since I've heard good things, but a local appliance store is going out of business and all of their appliances are 25% off. They carry Fischer Paykel DCS that looks decent along with several Dakor and Thermador (I'm sorry I don't have model #s, but would love input from anyone who has recent experience - my old (6 years)oven was a Thermador and I wasn't in love with it - found that it just didn't cook evenly after about 4 years). The salesman was really pushing their GE monogram range, which I know nothing about. He also mentioned that Viking makes a nice cook top (which they don't carry), but warned me to steer clear of their ranges. I am willing to mix and match brands and, while I was planning to just go with a range, I'd consider a separate oven and cook top in order to get the ones that will work best for me.

We're also looking at the GE Monogram 36" all refrigerator and all-freezer that they have on sale there. I've read online that people are having trouble with mold in those. Again, I have no model #'s, but the salesman was saying they are superior to the Viking 30" they carry. To be honest, I didn't have a fridge in mind. I just knew I didn't want a Sub Zero. My last fridge was a Thermador as well and I liked it, but it was a side-by-side and I really would like (need) a larger freezer. They do carry the fridge/freezer column, but their largest is 30" and I wanted a 36". Really with the fridge/freezer, my main focus is on even and accurate temps (and no mold)and i'm willing to compromise on size for performance. I've read on here that people really love their Jenn-Air fridges, but it doesn't look like they make the all fridge/all freezer.

For a dishwasher, I was thinking of going with a Bosch, but my brother has one and has had a lot of trouble with theirs leaking and their floors are now warped. I read recently that Meile has nice DWs. The aforementioned appliance store carries them, but they are sold out. They do have a nice looking Thermador there, though.

We also want a refrigerator drawer, but I haven't even begun to research those - any input?

I'm sorry that I don't have model numbers. I realize you won't be able to give me any terribly accurate advice because of that. I was at the store with my 2, 4 and 7 year old on a whim after a long day. It was kind of like herding snails...who whined. I guess what I'm really looking for is general advice and to hear from anyone who has experience with any of the products I've mentioned. I'm willing to sacrifice on other things in the house in order to have appliances that will really do what I need them to do as I do spend most of my time in the kitchen.

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You may get better responses by breaking this down into separate questions, one per appliance category. Searching these forums more might help too -- lots there on DW drawers, on Miele vs. Bosch vs. Kitchenaid etc., and epic threads on fridges. People have *lots* to say about their fridges.

I agree about separating the oven and cooktop purchases if you bake seriously. My general advice would be to inventory everything you want to do in your kitchen -- which you've started doing -- and prioritize: are the extra features of a Gaggenau oven interesting to you, or will a standard GE do fine? Do you want a big gas cooktop? What does the fridge need to hold? You're looking at four purchases that are each, potentially, as complicated as choosing a car. Take your time.

Three tools: The AJ Madison website has a pretty comprehensive selection and lets you choose by features. I used it to start generating sets of appliances to check out further via reviews or in showrooms. Consumer Reports, though much and sometimes justly maligned, is helpful and worth an e-sub. J.D. Power has some interesting ratings.

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Love my Miele DW!

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Our Gaggenau double ovens have just been installed and they are a dream! Best ovens available, followed by Wolf. My kitchen isn't even finished and I'm already using the ovens to learn about all the incredible features.

Cooktop - Viking can be tricky --

Dishwasher, I agree w/Gemini, Miele is the answer!

Good Luck!

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Love my GE Monogram rangetop. Simmers perfectly. Has the double stacked burners like the Wolf and simmers REALLY low when needed. I would definitely recommend it.

I like my Monogram ovens too, however, there are some out there who did not have good experiences. I would steer clear of the Thermador ovens--Mom has them and thy were great for first 4 years and now problem after problem arises. If they have a DCS oven, I hear those are really good. DCS ranges are supposed to be good too, but the knobs and handles were a little too 'chunky' for my taste.

The only person I know who is happy with their GE refrigerator is my sister and hers is a Cafe model. That's all I'll say on that.

Hope this helps!

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I do not think you can beat the simmer on the DCS with dual stacked burners.

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Thanks for all of the input! Good idea about breaking things down. I think I'm settled on the Miele DW for sure, though!

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