Good sizes for kids rooms?

AngelR1218May 2, 2014

My husband and I are looking to build a home sometime within the next 3 years. Right now we are trying to figure out the perfect floor plan for our family. My biggest question is about our kid's bedroom. We have a 3 year old daughter and I am currently 8 months pregnant with our son. My daughter's bedroom in the house we are currently living in is HUGE! It is above our 2 car garage and the last time I measured it I believe it was 15x23. Our son's room is only going to be 10x10. It is a perfect size for a nursery but as he gets older I am afraid it is going to be tight and I didn't think it was fair to have 1 kid have such a big bedroom and the other kid to have a really small bedroom. In the floor plan for the new house, we have made each kid's bedroom 15x15. Does anyone have a bedroom that is 15x15 or close to it? Do you feel there isn't enough space or too much space? I know it'll probably be considered big since they are young right now but I am thinking more long term when they are older. Any suggestions or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Before planning our build, we were trying to buy resale so ended up having the benefit of looking at a LOT of houses. That helped us really dial into exactly what we felt was the ideal space for us.

For kids rooms, it depends on what you believe your kids should have/need. For us, bedrooms are for sleeping and studying. Toys, TVs, playing, socializing is done somewhere else. Bed, desk, dresser, decent closet. That's all a kid's bedroom needs. (Make them too comfortable and they'll never leave! ;)

We finally settled on about 170sq ft: 13x13, 12x14, somewhere in there. Not too small, not too big. And we designed our house so each kid's room is exactly the same size.

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I think 15x15 is pretty big. Ours in our new house are going to be around 12 x 13.

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My boys's rooms are 15X13. Large enough for a queen size bed, nightstand, desk and shelving. Floor space is large enough for an inflatable bed for sleepovers.

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My girls' bedrooms are 12x12, and that's been good. When they were smaller, they had twin beds, which allowed play space in the middle of the room (or space for a friend's sleeping bag). When they became teens, we "moved them up" to double beds, which they can take to their first apartments with them. The double bed is a comfortable size in the room.

I have a couple suggestions for your situation:

- I definitely like the idea of making the kids' rooms the same size. My own kids seem to have missed the competative gene, but so many kids seem to see everything their parents give them as a reflection of how much they're loved. Giving them equal space just makes sense to me.

- If space allows, I'd choose to go a little bit rectangular rather than square. More wall space increases your ability to place furniture nicely, whereas so often space in the middle is just kind of wasted. But do make sure that the room can hold a twin bed . . . or a larger bed later.

- Don't neglect storage space in your planning. A good-sized closet can hide all the kids' junk, and that allows the actual room to remain looking good.

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I am planning a 17x14, and an 11x14. The 17x14 will likely house two, or the oldest.

You could try building the room on or another website, put in furniture that's sized to what you have or think you will have. Play around with the layout and see what fits.

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My twin sons are 19; soon their bedrooms will become guest rooms. They have never had a problem with the fact that one of them has a bigger bedroom - that's just the way our house is. They shared a room until they were 5.

One is 12 x 14, which is big enough for his loft bed, a good-sized desk, a chest of drawers, a foosball table, and his cello, with room to spare.

The other is 9.5 x 12, with a loft bed and chair underneath, a small desk, an armoire, and a bookcase. This bedroom is "cozy", in real estate terms, but my son likes it. Before the boys were born, we had a double bed in there, and that was pretty cozy too.

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It REALLY depends on the size of the closet in those bedrooms, and how many doors and windows and their locations, to determine adequate size, imo.

15x15 is huge. My master is 13x14ish, and will accommodate a king bed. It will not accommodate a king bed with a dresser and a seating location and , and, and...

My 2 girls's rooms are 10x12 and 10x14ish. The 'ish' because part of their floor area is not full height ceiling (upstairs under eaves rooms). But, their doors to everything, (entrance and closets) are at one end. They both accomodate a queen bed, a dresser, and a window seat, easily.

My advice is to go to a lot of open houses and take a tape measure (a laser one is really nice and quick) and find rooms that you find to be a good size, when furnished. Observe how they are laid out. Take their measurements. You'll be surprised how some 15x15 rooms can barely accommodate anything, but a well-laid out 10x10 room does just fine.

Also, consider will toys be in the room, or in a family room/playroom?

What are your expectations for their bedrooms.

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My children's bedrooms are 12 x 13. Ds has a full size bed, bookcase, dresser and nightstand. Dd has an antique twin bed (with a trundle under for sleepovers,) bookcase, nightstand. Her room seems REALLY big because she has a large dressing/vanity area and enormous walk-in closet...all of her clothes storage fits in these areas, no need for dressers and armoires in her bedroom proper. We have a very large playroom with a walk-in storage closet that connects to ds's room via his bath...this is where the x-box and ping-pong table is a huge space. Dd has appropriated the guest room that shares her Jack and Jill bath as HER private playroom *eye roll*. So basically, I am super pleased about the size of their rooms. I am glad I didnt have to allocate any more square footage to rooms in which they basically just sleep. I am also glad we have spaces for all of the messy storage needs kids have.

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ours are 12' 2" x 14' 5"...the closet takes up 2' on the longer wall.

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Our are 12x12'4 with the closet door on the same wall as the entry door. They both have twin size beds for now and will have plenty of room. I think 10x10 would be on the smaller side as they grow.

I second Mrs. Pete on the rectangular rooms. I wish I had actually been in one before we had our home designed. They really allow for cozy sleeping as well as a sort of separate area at the other end.

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I just want to echo to think about how they will live in the rooms and what will be in the rooms. We have 6 kids now, 2 boys in each bedroom (upstairs). The rooms vary some in size and shape. They also have a 500+square foot bonus space upstairs. We do very little toys and homework in their bedrooms. Well, homework is increasing upstairs, now that we have a freshman....ahhhhh. Anyways, we tend to use little furniture in the kids' rooms in exchange for a larger walk-in closets. So, with no toys and plenty of closet storage. We found the rooms can be smaller. We have enough for 2 twin beds, 2 night stands and at least 1 larger piece of furniture if desired.

So, think of where toys will be as well as furniture. I imagine a girl might have a little more furniture....mirror, make up area, etc. So, I could see that her future space might be a little bigger, etc. Use a room planner & set the rooms up on how you might envision them as they get older too. Plan what would go in the closets, etc. Will you have a mudroom or garage space for sports equipment or would that go in bedrooms?? Good luck:)

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There is a standard room for every age of kids. However the biggest question is if you have enough space to expand or replace the room. So the perfect solution for this is to make a space saver room plan.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cheap Home Builders

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We have done what some others have suggested and made rooms for all three kids identically sized. We did choose 15x15 with consideration that they will all have desks, book cases and eventually double beds. While we have a dedicated playroom, I do appreciate kids having down time (alone play time) in their rooms. I do wish we had a slightly rectangular layout as we did for the master but we worked with what space was available.
I think it's also important to consider the rest of the house. At least for resale, I wouldn't want spacious secondary bedrooms in lieu of a nice sized kitchen or great room.

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bink5 - what is total square footage of house? three 15x15 bedrooms with closets is a lot of space. do the three bedrooms all share a bathroom or are they ensuite/jacknjill?

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Housebuilder14- I believe we have 6692 under hvac. 6 brs. All bedrooms have walk in closets and bathrooms. Two were originally connected by a jack n Jill but we were able to get two bathrooms in the same footprint.

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BINK5 - your house is HUGE! 6 bedrooms sounds wonderful!

I'm planning 12x14 or 13x14 for the bedrooms, and I agree that it depends on where the doors, and windows are. Currently my 2 kids rooms are the exact same size, but because my sons closet is placed differently than my daughters, his room seems a lot smaller. I'm not able to place the furniture where I'd like to.

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Most of our bedrooms are 14 x something.

Then we have something like 13x17 and 15x17(master)

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We did 11x12 rooms for the kids and actually our master is only 10'8x12. ha! But our house is only 1455 square feet.

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