24" Wall Oven

HolsteinMay 4, 2013

Our 100% mechanical wall oven finally died. With no electronics to cool, there was no fan, so it ran completely silent. It looks like every modern oven has electronics and therefore a cooling fan. To make matters worse, for a 24" unit, it looks like most manufacturers only make a lower-end model, which means the fan is a little louder, etc. This might be okay if our dining room wasn't four feed from the oven, but a loud fan that runs through dinner every night is a bit much to bear. I'm at a loss for what to do.

A Gaggenau is a bit much to spend, but I'd be okay with a Miele. I've also heard that Bertazzoni makes a 24" model that could be okay. Fisher Paykel also has a model. Any experience with any of these as a primary oven? Are there large enough to handle more than one pan at a time? Are they loud? Well made?

24" models never seem to be in stock much less hooked up in the appliance stores, and buying something blind, modifying a cabinet and then potentially being disappointed is also hard.

Everyone's help and guidance is greatly appreciated. I have to believe I'm not the first to face this. Many, many thanks.


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Why not fix your old oven?

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Why not fix your old oven?

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In link is a brand new in box current generation Gaggenau 24" oven for $2.5k with free shipping.

Here is a link that might be useful: LINK

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If your oven is very old, you will be surprised to find how much smaller the interiors of new ovens are. I had a 24" 1961 Frigidaire, and the interior was about the same as my new 30" Elux. I mention this because I'd like to second the suggestion from xedos. You can find the interior dimensions of new ovens online, usually. If they are too small, repair may be more attractive.

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Interesting idea about repair. However, I don't think it's an option. Not only have we repaired it once, but electricity seems to be going places it shouldn't when we switch it on. Parts don't seem to be available anymore either. It's probably a fire hazard, and it really needs to be replaced.

That's a good price on a Gaggenau . . . maybe too good. I am a bit nervous about the smaller size too.

Any other new option options or experiences to share?

Thanks again,


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Afraid of a deal?

It is not like a gold Rolex for $50 from a guy in a swap meet.

It is from a liquidator with almost 5500 feedbacks and 99% positive rating. If you surveyed Sears customers I don't think they would get a 99% positive rating.

I got mine, a 24" previous generation from ebay but from another seller.

Been about 9 months so far so good.

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SHA-200LX / SHA-200RX (left hinged/right hinged)

side-hinged door
glide-out racks
fast preheat
costs under $1000
works for me....

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You are not alone. I started replacing my outdated appliances one-by-one after we move in 5 yrs ago. I have managed fine with my vintage double wall oven but it is time to go and the last of it. Fridge, cooktop, vent hood, dishwasher, washer/dryer. Clothing cleaner, dishes clean and using less water, (no leaks!), gas cooktop better output and more even, hood vents better. We did look for simple on/off in an oven. Not many choices in 24" and did at one point settle on the Bluestar single.
Got busy with work so another year went by, realized we would miss two ovens...back to research
I would never have my old one repaired. It does not exist without huge cost. I would rather put that expense into a more even cooking experience...i need to rotate every 20 min. Clock and timer has not worked in years said the original owner and she spent days tracking down a new bulb...and the finish is pealing off on the sides, and all around the broken clock, etc.
Mine are not installed yet so i can't help with the sound. Can you check with some neighbors or friends to visit and actually 'hear' what your concern is...and yes, you could open the door and let the heat out a bit that way. I suppose that would cool it down faster and stop the fan? I don't know and i'm not much help, just commiserating.
Oh, i went with Fagor side hinge and Thermadore steam...both from open box scratch and dent place. No dent, no scratch, open box.
2200 for both.

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