Thin-set for Glass and Metal

Jean BoJune 11, 2014

Question's for Mongo and Bill Putting up a tile backsplash in Kitchen, couple of quick questions.
1) Putting backsplash tile on existing Drywall is that ok or should I put up a 1/4" durrock or other material first?
2) What kind of thinset do I use for Glass and Metal Aluminum tile?
3) What kind of Grout for a kitchen would be best to resist staining and clean up well for splatters like tomato sauce?. Is regular grout ok?

Bill I can go to D&B if that is best and needed.

Thanks in advance!

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FYI, Bill no longer hangs out here. :-( He's apparently full time at John Bridge.

1. OK to put backsplash straight onto drywall, as it's not a wet area.
2. It's ok to use mastic on backsplashes (again, because it's not a wet area), and that's what I do. If you're going to do thinset, I like Laticrete the best. Make sure you use white, as it'll be visible through the glass tile. And be meticulous about setting it completely in so you can't see any trowel marks.
3. Epoxy grout all the way. Stains don't soak in, and can be scrubbed out.

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Jean Bo

Thank you weedyacres, I had spent a lot of time on John Bridge, been a while since I did all my research gotta get my Tile head back on. Too bad he doesn't check in anymore, he was/is a fantastic guy. Between the two of them, and everyone else here.. I was able to get a wonderful MB.

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I'm not a tile person but I recommend the epoxy grout or even what I used in our shower, ProFusion grout which is pre-mixed. The regular grout will definitely stain and I took it out of our kitchen.

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1- Regular white plain drywall is ok for a backsplash.

2- Glass Tile Adhesive by Laticrete (a white dry powder mixed with water) Do not use mastic or anything pre-mixed

3- Fusion Pro is my first choice.

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Glass manufacturers usually have thinset and grout recommendations. For thinset or adhesive, in general it's a good idea to NOT use mastic behind glass. Some mastics can yellow over time and create a blotchy shading through the glass. Depends on the translucency, etc.

Best bet is usually to use a white thinset behind glass. Gray thinset can sometimes muddle the brightness of glass tile. Again, depends on the specifics of the glass. But when in doubt, white thinset.

Grout? Sanded can sometimes be a problem depending on the grain of the sand, and depending on the float skills of the installer. The grittiness of the sand can sometimes scratch the surface of glass or metal tile.

Some of the newer grouts have a very fine-grained sand and scratching is not much of a problem.

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Jean Bo

Mongo, so happy to hear from you and get your help. Yes I learned from you and bill before not to use the Mastic so that was never an option. See I listen and am learning.

Planned on a white thinset but was concerned with if I can go directly on the existing drywall and what kind of thinset would be best? IDK is there a difference?

Same with the Grout, I know there are different types of grouts, what would be better? I will use un-sanded as I don't want to mess up the glass. This tile is random sticks of aluminum and glass all the same width but different lengths. I would say heavier on the metal then the glass. I will attach a link.
Next I need a metal profile to finish off an edge in the kitchen. My tile is 3/8" and should have a finished height of 1/2" should my metal profile be 3/8" or 1/2" I called schluter they gave me a item number of Q1003 he suggested 3/8" but after I hung up I am worried that the metal part that goes behind the tile will show up at some of the clear glass points.
Next I only need around 12" +/- of the stuff would like to buy someone's tailings from a job do you have any? This is the stainless steel profile.
Thanks to you and the others for offering their assistance.

Here is a link that might be useful: Glass & Metal tile

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