How to Install Bars for Washcloth and Magazines in Niches

kendog2June 11, 2012

We would like to install a built-in magazine niche next the toilet in our bathroom. I thought that a regular tile niche with a bar or two across the front would work. We would also like to install a bar across a niche in the shower to hold a washcloth. Does anyone know how to put in such a bar or what material to use? The trim in our house is satin nickel. However, to keep within our budget, our shower fixtures will be chrome.

Our thought is to use a hole saw to drill holes in the tile before it is installed on the inside walls of the niche and then insert some kind of steel rod to hold the magazines and for hanging the washcloth in the shower. Would this work? If so, what material should we use to cover the raw edge and seal around the rod where it enters the tile? Does anyone know of a better method?

Thank you in advance for any advice. Photos would also be much appreciated.

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Still hoping for some advice as we need to tile our niches soon. I have been unable to find any instructions or photos of bars installed inside a niche. Maybe this can't be done?

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You could buy some chrome tubing, the kind used to feed water to faucets, and cut it to the length you need. Would the rod be supported solely by the thickness of the holes in the tile? I think it would be strong enough that way, it won't be holding much weight. I'm thinking you could mortar in one of the tiles with the hole, say on the left side. Put the rod into the hole, then a flange over it to cover the raw hole. Then slide the flange for the opposite side on, facing inward, then the other tile with hole. Mortar up the right side of the recess and carefully nudge it into position with the rod already installed. Does that make sense? I'm thinking you should cut the rod a tiny bit shorter than the untiled opening. So if the opening is 14 1/2" wide, and the tiles 1/4" thick, cut the rod to 14 3/8" long. You could experiment with dowels first to find the best length. You want it to be just shorter enough to be able to slide into position, but not so short that it can fall out of the holes.

If you don't want to use a flange, cut the hole nice and snug to the size of the rod and use silicone caulk around the rod once it's in place.

If you walk up and down the aisles of a Home Depot with an idea in your mind of what you're looking for, I bet you'll find a few options. Sometimes they appear in unexpected departments, so take a good look. But plumbing is probably your best bet.

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You could also consider installing a simple style of towel bar against the back of the niche or the top even (hanging down).

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Thank you Egganddart49 and Pricklypearcactus for your ideas. I will consider both of those options.

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