Do I really need an icemaker?

phaphaphooeyMay 30, 2013

I have a dilemma that I submit to the gurus here for guidance. I am getting a SZ built in all fridge and already have a stand alone freezer without an ice maker that will be in the next room. We need ice but don't use that much of it so I am afraid that a stand alone ice maker would be an overkill. Is there any other way to make ice aside from buying it in bags or filling up trays the old fashioned way? I can't find any ice maker kits for the freezer as it is a cheap Frigidaire stand alone.

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I would get a countertop/portable ice maker.

Luma Comfort Portable Clear Ice maker seems like a good fit for you.

Turn it on, once machine is full put in bag in freezer.

A week or two later when you need more ice take it out and make more ice.

No need to run to store or take up room in your freezer with ice maker kit.

Plus get much better quality ice.

Probably last as long as Frigidaire ice maker kit and around same price.

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Ice makers break often. If you don't use much ice they often taste stale absorbing freezer odors. Just get a sealed container manual ice maker like the orb. Stores some cubes in the bucket while making another batch. No need to 'walk steady' like the old trays. (since your freezer may be a distance from your water source)

-the bad reviews are from people overfilling or laying it on its side in the freezer
-if it is just too weird for you, other trays with lids are available.

Here is a link that might be useful: ice orb

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You can buy a portable icemaker a lot cheaper then you can buy one for a refrigerator or replace a faulty one in a refrigerator. I bought a Emerson countertop portable icemaker on sale at Target for 119.00. It will make up to 24 pounds of ice a day if needed and it makes ice quickly. It drops 9 cubes every 8 minutes. I bought it simply because in the summer the one in our refrigerator cannot keep up with our ice needs. I run it for a day or two, bag the ice in Ziploc gallon bags and keep them in the freezer.

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I use three ice cube trays that have covers (by Tupperware), and the ice can remain in the freezer for some time because of the cover. Quick and easy to use and it provides more than enough ice for our day-to-day demands. If we have a party, we can just buy ice at that time.

I have an icemaker in my current refrigerator, but never connected it; and when I buy a new refrigerator, I won't connect the ice or water for that one either. I don't miss the icemaker at all, but I can't say whether you will or not. If you feel you will not, then just get some good quality ice cube trays with covers.

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