Replacing gas range with electric

Paul1940May 19, 2013

We are replacing our Dacor gas range,electric oven with an all electric range. Confused about the best replacement for it. My wife is not interested in an induction top because of the special pans required. We do a lot of cooking and baking. Idea please based on your experience.

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If cost is not the issue, you really need to reconsider induction. The pans are not that special. Lots of pans work, and they are not all expensive. If you're used to gas, then you will love induction. I'm not really sure why "but it needs special pans" is such an issue, unless someone has pans that have sentimental value or has recently purchased very expensive aluminum or copper pans. Years of highly responsive heat control on an easy-to-clean surface that is so safe (you can leave flammable items on the cooktop when it's not on because it won't heat up without a suitable pan) vs. the time it takes to order a set of induction capable pans online. Besides, it's fun to whip out a magnet to test a pan in a store and watch the puzzled looks.

For what it's worth, my DH thinks the induction is the best thing in the new kitchen.

Have her read this.

Here is a link that might be useful: You know you have induction when...

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No way would I do that.
Alto we love our induction cook top, I would buy gas before I ever bought another another electric, (Non Induction), especially a "Smooth top".

We lived with those for years, (Well, if you can call it living), razor blade scraping to clean it, last one we had was really expensive and fancy one lasted less than 2 years, and dern near burned the house down!

"To Me" at least, there are 2 options, Induction or gas, (Others please stay away)!!!!


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Sophie Wheeler

There's no point in going electric over gas unless it's induction. Regular radiant is inferior in every way. All gas would be preferable over radiant electric.

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Another induction lover here - I have the GE Profile slide in induction range and would NEVER go back to electric.

I also don't see the big deal about having to buy new pots and pans if need be - look for sales. I recently bought a gorgeous set of Cuisinart induction friendly pots and pans for 60% off the regular price of $400 - the set cost $160 at Canadian Tire here in Toronto.

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Keep what you have. It's better than what you're contemplating.

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Thanks so much for your comments. We will look very closely at induction. I'm convinced, need to convince the better half. Looks like a no brainer to me .

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The first time she doesn't have to clean it, How fast it heats, and the controllability of it is hard not to love.


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Ditto from this end - why switch from gas to electric unless you go induction.
Induction is safer than gas and standard electric - Here is one more piece of evidence - OK, take it with a grain but you can really have an ice cube on the burner and something cooking without it melting away

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I have to say don't go to electric radiant from gas I grew up and learned to cook on gas then moved to a place with the coil things Those are slow to heat and response time of heat levels is horrible. Then I needed a new one so I got a smooth top It was faster and more responsive but a total pain to clean. On top of that I had family move in with me that cooked to a d in general were messy and didn't clean up after themself at all so keeping it looking good was a nightmare I would stay with gas or get the new induction. From all a hear induction is as good as gas but with out the flame

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I too grew up cooking on gas. For a short period of time we lived in an apartment that had an electric range. I hated it with a passion. I could never get anything to cook properly. Once we moved into our house and had a gas range, I was in love with cooking again.

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No comparison with electric: induction is far superior! I love it for all the reasons stated above. Plus, I'm a messy cook so I enjoy being able to put paper towel underneath or around the pots to catch whatever boils over. And when I see the pot boiling over, turning down the power immediately stops the boiling. Cleanup is a breeze because nothing "burns" onto the cooktop--a quick wipe with a wet cloth is all it needs. Have DW try it in a demo store--she'll be an instant convert.

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