Lighted Mirror TV for Medicine Cabinet

LARemodelJune 12, 2014

Would you use an electric mirror with a TV as your medicine cabinet? I saw these at Lightopia last week and I was intrigued. The price varies with the size - it would be a big splurge - I did not write down the price, but I think the one I was looking at was close to $3000.

I'm trying to think of the pros, cons, and challenges of installing one - other than the price. Would it need to go on an interior wall? Would I be constantly cleaning the mirror? Can the TV be changed out (e.g., to update to a new technology in 10 years)? How do you hide all the wires? Are there "buttons" for the TV or is everything run through a remote?

The product I saw is marketed by Electric Mirror in the U.S. It is a medicine cabinet that is intended to go on the backsplash of a vanity, not on the side. It has lights along the sides and lights in the interior of the medicine cabinet, with enough space for just about anything.

Sometimes I'm uncertain about integrating multiple functions into one product - this would be mirror, medicine cabinet, "sconces," and TV, all in one package. I recall that 20 years ago a friend told me that she knew she was "losing it" when she mistakenly picked up her calculator at work when her phone was ringing. Now we have phones that can be calculators, cameras, and TV's, all in one.

So, what do you think? Lighted Mirror TV is a luxury item that would be useful? Or a problem waiting to happen?

Here is a link that might be useful: Electric Mirror

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I would not want a TV in my bathroom. It is just too much distraction and noise for me. I used to have a radio, but that has gone now. I want quiet time when I am getting ready for work, I don't need one more thing slowing me down LOL.

Do you find having a TV in the bathroom important?

I don't watch TV unless DH and I are sitting in our living room. Don't have a TV anywhere else in the house. IMHO the bedroom is not a place for a TV. And to expand on that, neither is the bathroom. My TV watching time is planned in the evenings, and then only several times a week.

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When I'm in the bath or on the toilet (sorry) in the hall bath, I have a direct line of sight to the TV in my living room. Now, normally I don't synch the two activities, but if I'm watching baseball or football, I can do both at the same time.

I'm embarrassed to say I live alone and have 4 TVs. DirecTV loves me.

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That looks really cool, but way too expensive for me. I would wait until they are tried and true before dumping that much cash into what may turn out to be a novelty. Can't you just install a small flatscreen on the wall in the bathroom if you feel the need to have a TV in there? I can't see the TV from my bathroom, but I listen it it.

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