Daltile quality?

s8thrdJune 18, 2013

Hi; I've been away from this site for a few years, but we have another project!

I was wondering about the quality of Daltile. We were looking at subway and, especially, at white octagon-and-square mosaic floor tile. I've noticed that on the Home Depot site a lot of people complain about the latter, saying (1) the glaze is too thin and the pink ceramic shows through, and (2) it lacks a mesh back. (If it lacks a mesh back, what does it have???)

I was under the impression that Daltile is a pretty good brand. But, the stuff for sale through Home Depot is much cheaper than the tile store -- just $2.95/SF for the mosaic. Do they make different grades for HD and tile stores? Does anybody know, and/or have a general sense of their quality?

Any other recommendations re the floor mosaic and a matching subway, without breaking the bank?

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I can't speak to your specific tile (square/hex mosaic), but I did get some Daltile 6x6s in white through HD and they are fine. I have seen the square/hex mosaic at HD that has what appear to be little plastic "studs" between the tiles to hold them in place, rather than a mesh back. They seem to be a little less "sturdy" and the tiles can turn in place a little. So, your setter has to be careful to make sure the tiles lie well/straight, as just because they come as a mosaic doesn't mean they are straight mosaics...

(My tile setter is quite meticulous, and likes to talk. He told me about one mosaic project he did where he "pulled every tile off the mesh and laid them by hand because they were so crooked on the mesh"... So, that is something to think about).

That said, I did buy some US Ceramic (I think) Subways through a tile store...but came up short a box (not because of my calculation, but because the tile store said I'd only need...) I was annoyed, and also discovered that I could get that tile through HD. I bought my extra box there (at a much lesser price than the tile store) and it matched perfectly. No difference in quality of tiles between the HD sold stuff and the Tile store sold stuff...

As for Dal. I think they have some good tile. And, I think they have some cheap tile. I don't know how you know which is which though.

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My impression was that the Daltile I got through a Daltile dealer was better quality than that available at the box box stores, but I can't really quantify it, it was an impression.

I would not be surprised if their was some difference because a number of manufacturers make big box versions of products that look almost identical to those sold elsewhere, but are of lesser construction (faucets come to mind.)

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Thanks to both of you. Well, I suppose I could find out if the mosaic at the tile store has a mesh back; if it does, that tells me that it is not the identical product to HD, and the quality is probably different. If it doesn't have a mesh at the tile store either I would be leery of going with Daltile.

But it puzzles me why a manufacturer would put out different grades of product under the exact same name; you would think that this would drag down their name over time, and that it would also make the tile stores unhappy.

If anyone else has experience with white, or black and white, Daltile floor mosaic or subway, I'd welcome their thoughts.

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I am purchasing their small hex for a tiny powder room. I am shocked at the difference in price from one dealer to the next for what appears to be the same product. One place selling it for $3/sq foot - small independent store. And another small independent store selling it for $9/ sq ft. Strange indeed.

Thanks for the heads up about the mesh not necessarily having it straight. Still, I am trying to buy most construction items for our house made in USA and was happy to discover these are manufactured near Gettysburg.

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As I recall when I looked at the Hex tile at home depot a few months back it was made by a company in NY which made terrible tile, as I ordered a sample of floor tile which arrived chipped and looked very low quality.

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