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tinyhomebuilderMay 8, 2014

When we got our new range, the cast iron grates rocked back and forth no matter which way or location they were installed. I originally thought I'll just even them out on a bench grinder. But when I looked underneath, I noticed that there was a hole in one of the arms of the casting. I have no idea if was intended for this purpose or not, but I tapped some 1/4"-20tpi threads in it. And inserted stainless steel recessed hex head set screws... and finely adjusted the grates with a small allen wrench so that there is not one hint of tipping. Even with removing and reinstalling the grates, they still hold their setting even with no Loctite thread locker.

The holes seemed intentional, as if that was what they were designed for. But since I have no other stove with which to compare mine, there's no way of knowing unless someone here would be so kind as to let me know whether or not their BlueStar grates came with leveling screws in them, or even if they needed leveling to keep from tipping back and forth.

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For some reason I am unable to load a photo into the original post, so here it is.

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Nice work tinyhomebuilder...or should I call you MacGuyver lol

As far as I know, the bluestar grates themselves do not come with leveling screws. But if there is unevenness at the stovetop, there are 4 leveling screws in the steel framework on top of which the grates sit. But your way seems like it works better.

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Have a 36" BS Range Top and don't have any issues with the grates not sitting in level. The bowls that the grates sit in though can wobble once in a while. As stated by gtadross there are screws under the bowls to level those out, not in the bowls themselves, but on the framework under them.

You could try and make sure those are level and see if that helps with your grates, but at least you found a solution.


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Thanks to both of you for letting me know. I was really curious if my grates were missing screws, or if this was a new idea.

The four screws underneath the square iron pieces worked just fine for getting them level and keeping them from rocking, but they had no effect on the round iron grates rocking ~within~ them. In fact the square pieces could be completely off of the stove and the grates would still rock in them. Now they didn't rock a lot, just enough to make a clanking sound, but just one screw per grate in the preexisting hole was enough to adjust away the tipping. So that now the whole surface is solid as a rock and doesn't make a sound no matter where weight is applied.

I wrote to BlueStar suggesting that they might consider making a grate leveling screw a new feature to include on their ranges since the hole is already cast into all of the grates. It's cheap enough to do as it only cost me $4 for the stainless steel screws, and just a few minutes turning a small tap by hand to thread the holes.

The really strange coincidence was that the hole was in one of the low arms where the additional screw height would keep the grates from tipping. If they tipped in the other direction perpendicular because it was a high arm, I would have had to drill another hole, or grind it. (lol)

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My range did the same thing. Since it was only a few months old, I called BlueStar. They sent me all new grates (both the round ones and square pieces they sit on). Five out of the 6 new ones are fine, one still rocks but I can deal with that, not worth another call. I did notice the grates are slightly different than the old ones, the cast iron is less coated with the black stuff and more like true cast iron, rough and only minimally coated.

Give them a call, they can't fix it if they don't know. For the price, the quality of the grates should be better monitored by BlueStar. Nothing but perfect should be allowed.

Good luck.

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I love the screw idea, I had the same problem and used some J.B. Weld epoxy under the tabs that rocked and that also worked.

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