Feedback on Bosch Benchmark 30" Range

dancingqueengwMay 31, 2014

The range was installed about 4 weeks ago and we launched immediately into a graduation and lots of guests. I really like the range. The locations of the heat hobs on the top work out really well. It is easy and quite intuitive to work both the range top and the oven. The oven is good sized. I bought one extra easy glide roll out rack that has not come in yet but I love the easy glide one that came with the range. The two other racks are ok.

The warming drawer sticks so they are coming out to replace one of the rollers next week. I replaced my non stick cookwear because it was not magnetic. My regular cookwear works perfectly. I like how responsive the cooktop is.

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Is yours the slide-in one? I am looking at that one since the only other induction slide-in I am considering is Electrolux. Glad to hear you are liking the Bosch so far!

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Yes, it is the slide in range. I am very pleased with it. I also looked at the Electrolux but for me the top stuck out too far. the slope of the front of the Bosch worked better for me.

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Thank you for this. Do you have any photos of the range installed? I don't find the stock photos very helpful.

I'm still considering this range, though we are working with old house electrical woes.

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Would love to see photos as well - I don't seem to have good luck at actually finding this level of appliance in any store that claims to sell them. Thanks for the advice!

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Me too! I think this may break an impasse for me and the DH. :-)

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Dancingqueen, thanks for your review of the Bosch Benchmark. Anything to add?

I am just beginning my kitchen renovation and keep going back and forth whether I should get a slide in induction range or wall oven and induction cooktop. I am leaning towards the Bosch Benchmark range and a speed oven, possibly the Bosch Benchmark.

All feedback is greatly appreciated!

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kge9, There are threads about why you should not get a stove/range and should get a separate cooktop and wall oven.

One reason is that you dont want to be standing at the stove stirring when someone needs to get into the oven. and it may be hot standing there And vice versa of course.

But to get separates, you need more space and perhaps money.

I could not bend down to get a turkey or any heavy thing out of a range. I can get things out of my wall oven. It doesn't get any easier as time goes on. So think about the long haul.

ihave double wall ovens which allows me to cook different things at different temps but counter ovens help in those situations, too.

Do steam ovens have capacity for smallish amounts of food?

Can you bake 4 loaves of bread in a steam oven and a range oven? Artisan breads bake especially well in steam but what about capacity? I do sometimes bake 4 loaves at a time. I actually like small ovens for crusty artisan breads.

What works for you now and in the future?

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FWIW, I now have my benchmark oven (side swing) and speed oven (220v) installed, and have spent the past 2 days testing them out. I will do a full review in another week or two (when I have done more testing), but for now I can say that the ovens appear to work really well. I love the controls, the lighting, and the sound isn't too bad. You can hear the fan for convection, and feel the air being blown out, but its not annoying. The chocolate chip cookies I made were evenly browned without turning the pan. I used the speed oven for three medium-large sized sweet potatoes. There is a sweet potato program, and they were actually done to perfection in just six minutes.

DH had been complaining about buying these expensive appliances, but that single sweet potato experience made him a believer.

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Juno_barks, how many programs are there on the speed oven (for convection+microwave)? Can you program it at all? That was something we debated here for a bit.

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Thanks Westsider 40.

Juno_Barks, looking forward to your update. Do you also have the Benchmark induction cooktop? If you do, which size and what to you think of it?

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Thanks for your update Juno! Looking forward to hearing more! Any pics would be greatly appreciated as well.

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Paul Garder

Hi, how are you finding the range? Debating between that one and the Samsung chef series. The Bosch looks great yet worried about no direct or manual controls. How do you find the touchscreen?

Any tips or info appreciated

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