Kobe vs Imperial Range Hood?

dancingqueengwMay 26, 2012

Choosing between a 30" by 20.5", 750 cfm Kobe with 1.2 sones to 4.6 sones and two 25 watt Hallogen lights that only have one intensity setting vs an Imperial 30" x 18" with 800+ cfm's and 1.6 sones to 4.5. This hood has one 50 watt Hallogen bulb with two intensity settings. Anyone have either of these? Either way I have to order on line and have not been able to see either of them in person. Any feedback on either or both of these hoods? Thank you so much for any info or input.

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I spent some time looking at your other post before running off to make a pie for the family. I do wonder what your duct set up is: do you presently have in line motors or do you vent to outside? Did you go with the Kitchen Aid Range? Do you know what your BTU's are on your choice, and where the largest diameter burners are? Usually at least one is in the front.

As to the Imperial vs the Kobe, they both seem as they will offer what you need: a method of venting fumes with a good amount of cfms (720 vs 800) at a height of 30" (presumed). Kobe has the advantage of the motors and draw being right there (no long duct runs) as well as being serviceable right in your kitchen if need be as well as cleaned. And of course the increased depth for effluent capture. AJ Madison says Kobe is known as a "quiet" blower, used in Japan. It also has two motors, with variable draw increasing sound and pull.

The Imperial also is impressive, yet even with looking at specs, I couldn't positively tell it was an exterior venter (squirrel cage). Do you know your needed duct circumference? Is it 7 or 8" round? The Slimline ducts only vertically, not through the rear. There is no adaptor so you must know vertical ducting is present. Imperial notes: "*Caution on Ducting: Transitioning a TW (twin duct unit) to a single duct will cut CFM output in half and will void the stated performance and warranty!

There are many aspects, including warranty of the Imperial that I like. However, if your duct run is long that 800 cfm's will be reduced, perhaps significantly. Hence, if your new range is a power horse with BTU's, I believe I'd to with increase capture (21," aided btw, by your lateral cabinets as they reduce open space over which effluent travels), and inline motor fan at proper height. Your cabinet constraints are a situation where an extra 3" cabinet set back laterally (for less combustible fire hazard) is not negotiable.

Looks good: both are nice choices. I'm glad you're closing in on the decision and hope this helps.

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Wow Sparkling thank you so much. I do not know if the imperial is squirrel cage. I was under the impression it was not but I'm not sure I have a good understanding of what all this means. I currently have two ducts. One which runs down from my Jenn Air Downdraft range, and which I expect to use for the MUA, and the microwave/hood duct which runs up through the upper cabinet and then turns 90degrees and goes out the side of the house. I believe this current duct is 8". I'm not sure I understand twin ducting and it sounds like I had better get an understanding of it before I order. The Imperial info states Dual "Balanced" Centrifugal Blowers. Does this mean squirrel cage? Thank you again for your assistance!

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dancingqueen, could the Imperial vent model number possibly be N1936BP instead of N1939BP? I do find the former under the Imperial 1900 Series (including the Slimline). If so, it requires a duct from the hood to run to the outside of the house in contrast to the Kobe, which all is done in place. I'm linking the installation guide to the Imperial 1900 Series which covers the various models below.

I read on your other similar thread that you like the Kobe's looks. That plus its inline motor and theoretical ease of cleaning, plus wider coverage suggests to me you should go with what you like. The oil "cups" sound strange, but are just a means to collect the heated and vaporized cooking grease which then condense into the collection system "cups" as they cool. Periodically you just empty the cups and clean up! Just be mindful to turn off the lights off when cleaning (got a nasty shock from mine).

Hope this helps and glad you're making great progress on a unique venting situation.

Oh, and squirrel cages are well, squirrel tail shaped like units which sit on the exterior of the house which contain centrifugal fans and a motor and more and to which venting duct runs from a vent hood to the exterior cage. Since you currently don't have this duct system, I'd say it's easier to get the inline motors of the Kobe. What ever difference in cfms between the two may be equalized by the run of the ducts to the exterior needed for the Imperial design. Funny how we learn these things when doing a kitchen, isn't it?

Here is a link that might be useful: Helpful link:

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Oh, you do have outside venting with possibly 8" ducting. Imperial offers an adaptor for 7" to 8". Well then, a discussion with your vent person about the length of your run and number of turns etc will permit further discussion about how many of the Imperial cfms may be loss due to run.

So, two great choices available especially since you've thought of a MUA means.

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Thank you Sparkling for the time and explanations and the link. I found the Imperial on Venting Direct where it is listed as N1930BP 30" Wide and 18" Deep Slim Line. I do not see it on the Imperial web site. Fortunately, I think, the run on the OTR vent will not be very long, it goes up about two feet and then turns 90 degrees and vents out of the house. My hope is the HVAC person and installer can figure out where to put the MUA since it currently comes from below the range on the downdraft electric Jenn Air which is being replaced.

I did decided to buy the Kitchen Aid dual fuel range and you are correct that the largest burner is on the front. I'm certainly learning a lot in this process but am still trying to be sure I understand and do this as well as I can given safety and space limits. Thank you for your help!

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