Revised Floor Plan Critique

shakfu3May 28, 2012

I previously posted by floor plans here and took the advice I received to create a revised set. As context, here is some background information:

- We are a family of 4 (2 adults, 2 toddlers)

- The lot is located in northern NJ where its is very difficult to find decent size plots.

- Because of the lot size and zoning regulations, we cannot make the house wider then it already is

- We are leveraging modular construction. While we could make the house deeper, I am trying to design a house that requires a minimum number of "modules" to keep cost down. As such, I would like to work within the existing footprint as there is a step function increase in cost by adding modules

- Both my wife and I have aging parents so we wanted a full bathroom downstairs for when they visit.

- The office downstairs will also serve as a "design studio" for my wife who has a emerging business in designing ethnic clothes. That's why there is a closet with a sitting area in the first floor office for when clients come for fittings and trials

- I plan on asking for help in the kitchen forum for kitchen layout help

As always, thanks in advance for the great advice here. I can't imagine doing this project without this forum for knowledge.



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I'm not sure if people feel the way I do, but I like my Dining Rm to have some sort of option to expand. I had a large house with a dining room 13 x 14, or maybe 12 x 13 (I cannot recall exactly) and I couldn't fit that many people. Holidays were a pain.
Since then I've learned to either do away with it, or situate it so I can extend the table.

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Your kitchen layout is similar to mine (an L-shape with a doorway in the middle). Here are two pictures of kitchens with a similar layout that I have found a little helpful when trying to visualize the space:

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Is the garage going to be site built? If so, I would consider making it bigger.

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Not bad!
Do you have the option of pocket doors? If so, I would put a pocket door from office to bench area.

Also, I would consider moving the closet location of bedroom 4. (consider, though with your laundry, it does act as a buffer for laundry noise). The reason? I dislike walking into a bedroom into a closet wall. We have that setup in one of our bedrooms, and it really closes off the space. However, with you laundry up, it might be your sound buffer. Though, it could also be a bit of a sound buffer for your open foyer noise too... Something to consider, even if you don't choose to do it.

And, actually, your kitchen layout isn't bad, though you might want to figure out how to get your fridge closer to your eating area (so you don't have to walk past the stove to get to it. That may be difficult, however.)

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One more thing,
You might want the office door closer to the kitchen/further from the shoe cubbies, if it will be used for professional use.

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Thanks all - great feedback as always.

I with I could change the footprint of the house but sadly its not possible. If we make one room bigger, something else has to be smaller. We tried to optimize each room based on the available space.

minneapolisite - pictures are spot on and really helped visualize the kitchen.

Kirkhall - great point on the closet and the fact that the cubies will be in full view if anyone comes in that door.

Thanks again!!! Back to the drawing board for the infinite revisions - when does it end?!?!?

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I really like it and think it flows well. There is nothing I see right off design-wise that I would change. A couple functional things that I would think about are:

1) Do you really want the ~1" divider in the garage door area? An 18' wide single door may be a better alternative--less risk of hitting the divider when backing out/pulling in. Cost wise, it may save you on the door (1 large door vs. 2 small ones) as well as the obvious cost saver of needing just 1 door opener vs. 2.

2) Positioning of the shower head/bench in the downstairs bath. Provided that the bench is opposite the shower head, then you will have to enter the shower directly under the head meaning a potential for getting doused with very hot water or very cold water if you start the water before entering. I would consider eliminating the built-in bench (or making it a corner bench) and swapping the shower head to the opposite wall.

Hope this helps & can't wait to see some elevations!

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