BOOOO Halloween Table 1

kathleen_liOctober 1, 2010

Happy Oct 1st.

Here's my first table for Halloween.

Jane my new order of lights from QVC arrived, so I tested them out!

Here is a link that might be useful: Ghost Table

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Kathleen, you never cease to amaze me. I adore your ghostie table. The dishes are amazing, as well as the price. I still can't imagine where you keep all of them.

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Kathleen, What a SPOOKTACULR TABLE!!!

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My kids would love that!

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This is what I'd definitely call an Elegant Halloween
'Black & White Affair' !!
I love the all the layering of the B & W dishes.
Great buy on the Nautica.
I like how you put together your Ghost Centerpiece and the lights (glad they worked) worked perfectly for this.

I see you got the CTS Ghost plates...I got the witch hat..
but ONLY was able to get one...they must have snapped them
up fast..I went back again, but still none...

This was such a fun and creative table Kathleen...enjoyed looking at everything on it too.


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Kathleen...I'll just add DITTO to the others. You are definitely one of the most creative table-setters EVER.
You da Queen, Lady!!

Nana, I love the new "word for the day"..Spooktaculr.
That's a keeper! LOL

hugs, Karen

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kathleen...once again I am so impressed with the linens you choose & the layering on your t'scapes! Those are just the darn CUTEST ghost placemats & checkered napkins ... & the B&W layered dishes are perfect! May I ask, when you buy "chargers," do you buy glass, or those metal ones? I see very cheap plastic-type ones at HLobby...but I think they would scratch easily & I've been storing my metal & wood ones "standing up."

The Ghostly centerpc is cute...a nice lightweight material that works & your battery lights will be so useful in the next few mos! Great buy on the Nautical! TFS! Jeanne S.

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I went over to take a look then got interrupted before I could get back here to comment! Hate it when that happens!

Very nice table and great idea using the ghost, netting, and lights. I'm really loving black/white since being on this forum. You are so good about paying attention to the littlest of details.

I have to add however, that I really love the orange/black tablescape you are using in your header. It is so very Halloween. ;o)


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Kathleen, love your ghost centerpiece. Very neat shape on your stemware. The spiral candles are a favorite of mine. The dishes are all wonderful and thanks for the napkin idea with your cute little ghosts for place cards.


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Thank you ladies!

The netting is actually the blusher from the wedding my gkids were all in this summer. My dil said her sis was going to throw it out, but she knew I would find a use for it! (meaning she knows I am a pack rat! )

I was glad the lights from QVC arrived that day. It would have taken me hours to go through the Cmas bins in the basement.

I think the checked bandanas were the only thing new, everything else I had.

Jeanne, the chargers in this table are the cheap ones.
It is hard to find ceramic chargers at a reasonable price, and they are so hard to store. They don't fit on the shelves!

Punk, the candles were a gift, I try to blow them out fast so they last, LOL!

And Luvs, like I said in Karen's post, I will still use black and ORANGE for Halloween! It is traditional, and I am too! :)
Thanks again, I appreciate the time you take to comment.

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I swore I wasn't going to buy anymore plates, but now it looks like I NEED to find black and white printed ones.

Those little ghost dishes are very cute. And I like the placemats because the cute part is not covered up with the plates. So many times the cuteness is lost once the table is set.

I'm doing a black and white ghost table setting for sure this year.

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Well I think it is just "Booootiful!"

It is a very striking table and you have once again created a very artistic and eye-catching table.


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Thank you, OA and Candy!

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