Haunted Hosue

oldalgebraOctober 19, 2010

Forgive me if I've shown this before. I did a quick search and couldn't find it,

but that doesn't prove much.

Well, if you've seen it before, I still think you

will enjoy looking again.

Four years ago the Easter Bunny left this playhouse for my

grandchildren to use when they came to visit.

When October rolled around, I decided to change the look.

Here is the Haunted House I have in my backyard. Above the door it reads, "Spooky Stories Told Within."

That's exactly what occurs when they come over after soccer practice.

The door to the house is made of shredded black fabric.

And in case you couldn't tell on your monitor, the curtains are VERY orange!

. . .

There's a spooky plastic chandelier by which to read.

The flames flicker.

It's a tent over a PVC frame which breaks down in parts to be stored at the side of the house,

because neither rainstorms nor nuclear catastrophes can harm PVC.


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OA what a great haunted house you really have the best ideas!!!

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Wow OA...I haven't seen this before. I love it!
What a great place for kids to escape to and do all kinds of fun things.
Looks pretty easy to put together. Does the first
cover come with it? Did you make the Halloween Cover, or is it something you can order for it? I love the Halloween Chandy too....
I'm sure your DGKs must love this and look forward to it's seasonal change.
What a Special DGM you are, always thinking of fun stuff and creating great memories for them too.
Ooooo to be a kid again!


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OA, you haven't shown that before and it is fantastic! Is this something you purchased? Or did you make it? Did you paint the transformation from Easter to Halloween? That is just fantastic! I love every bit of it. Tell us more about it--my little DGD would love it!


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How fun is that? Too. Like everyone else,I need to know where you found it or the instructions for it.

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Gosh, gals. I made it. I started by making the frame first. Then I pinned fabric on it to make the tent. Then I unpinned it and appliqued the pictures on. I found the pictures on the internet and just made them the size I needed. Narrow or tiny parts, like the web, were drawn with a paint pen. (But I designed the bones and flowers all by myself. Applause goes here!) Then I pinned all the parts back on (inside out, of course). At that point, I'd baste two parts together and remove them from the frame and sew them together, one at a time, until the last section was complete.

The playhouse has a wireless doorbell that works on a battery. It also has a skylight on the back side of the roof to let light in.

I was going to make a gingerbread house for Christmas, but I just ran out of steam.

Can you guess what the hardest part was? Guiding the fabric through the machine as you sew up the sides. You end up stuffing yards and yards of material through that little "hole" between the needle and the motor part of the machine. All that fabric is very bulky and very heavy. I tugged and tugged and pulled and pulled and then I'd sew about two inches. Then I'd tug and tug and pull and pull again and sew two more inches. I've dug ditches that were easier. It took a tiny bit of ingenuity and tons of physical strength.

I got better at it the second time around, as I knew how to pace myself and I started early enough to be able to take breaks between steps.

I'm still sorry I didn't make that gingerbread house. Wouldn't it have been super!

The girls are about out of the playhouse stage now, although the haunted house is still fun - and will probably be for a few more years.

They didn't play "House" last summer. Instead they played "Fast Food Shop." It was my role to walk up to the window and order. They fixed pretend hamburgers or hot dogs, took the pretend money and handed me the food through the window.

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How wonderful is that?!!! Can I bring my kids? (Actually I want to go inside too!) You have such INSPIRING ideas! My wife sews so this morning I was sharing your idea for a collar for my bear. Thanks for sharing! Bear Hugs! Kirk

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OMgosh, OA...this is just a wonderful playhouse! Good grief, I think it's a challenge to sew a replacement canopy for the lawn swing! (when you said, "baste & remove.") LOL! What a gift you've made to share with your GKs! I can imagine what sewing that would be like!

Applause! Applause! At your skills in drawing & enlarging & appliques of Halloween decor! (& the Spring playhouse, too!) But I love the "tree"...magnificient size in the end & your skeleton,witch, spiderweb, everything! Super, duper, g'ma!!!

Your haunted house is much bigger than a teepee type house that my GK's used to play in...it was made by their daycare giver ...very colorful & fun & lots of wonderful "imaginary" friends played there too! TFS this project! I think it's BEST haunted house I've ever seen! Jeanne S.
p.s. yup, a gingerbread one could be awesome...maybe that will be for the GreatGK's! LOL!

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OA your work is phenomenal on this haunted house and so are you. You really blow me away with all your wonderful creations. I Love This! I want to come and play with you! I have all these ideas and not enough time to follow through with them.

Oh what fun it will be for you and the Gkids. I'm afraid to show this to DGD for fear she'll want one. Maybe you could come over and decorate her play house if you have any spare time.haha So fun to see how much you do for the kids.


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And this from a Gal who claims she "doesn't know how to do any crafts"! I am blown away by this! How in the world did you figure out to make the frame in the first place? And to think that you know how to unassemble it for storage and then get it back together again! Love how you painted it, that skeleton is fantastic, and so is the tree, the witch, the cat, just all of it. I can't even imagine getting those thick layers through a sewing machine--almost think you'd need a really heavy duty one for that. Golly, OA, you could go into business making and selling these for sure! Luvs

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OA...you blow me away! I sew, but I could never imagine taking on such a project as this.
I'm so impressed and think this is such a wonderful creation because it's an
'Original OA'.. You are 'Super DGM' in my book.
I'm thinking of how you designed these scenes to fit...layed them all out, and then sewed this baby up, to look like a Professional store bought playhouse!
I agree, you could have sold them in a heartbeat...especially on QVC when they have ordinary people selling their inventions! I know I'd be a customer.
Great Job..and I'm glad that your DGDs are still enjoying it.


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