Help finding a builder - Charlotte NC

jessica562May 8, 2013

Hello...I am starting the process of building a custom home on a budget in the Charlotte NC area. I sent my plans out last week to 4 builders that we had selected and now 2 have passed on the project including the one guy we were really counting on.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to locate a good builder in our area who can work with budget constrictions? Do you know someone you could recommend? I don't want to get less than 3 bids and we really need to move forward with the process.

Thank you in advance for any help with this or the many questions I will have in the future!

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Not sure what your idea of budget constraints are. I have a builder in SC that we are working with, you can email me for his info. We are in Rock Hill, SC.

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We were so turned off by the builders around here that we GC'd it ourselves. Email me and I can give you some builders that are possibilities.


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Robin Goodrich

We have been talking to a lot of builders in the Lake Norman area and, just to warn you, the cost to build has recently increased in the area. Quotes we got at the end of last year were significantly lower than we're getting now, to the point where we may not be able to build a home at all. The builder I would recommend depends on your budget, but I know of one I spoke to that I really got a good feeling from.

E. S. Johnson is in Davidson, NC. He is honest and straight forward. E-mail him and he will tell you for sure if your project is reasonable or not. He has built homes in many of the nice neighborhoods in our area.

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